Fujian women open shop selling fake brand shoes were sentenced to 3 years

According to Xinhua news agency, Fuzhou, May

2, a defendant in Fujian "taobao.com" set up shop, selling fake "CONVERSE" brand shoes, socks, involving more than 67 yuan, recently Fuzhou Gulou District court verdict, the defendant Lin guilty of the crime of selling counterfeit registered trademarks, sentenced 3 years in prison and fined 200 thousand yuan.

court found that since February 2008, the defendant Lin together with Hwang (dealt with) the owner of the trademark unauthorized case, CONVERSE stores in the open universe "taobao.com", by Huang is responsible for the purchase, the defendant Lin is responsible for sales and after-sales service, sales of a large number of fake CONVERSE all kinds of brand shoes. read more

China bought the movie domain name mov cn

Following the on-line three days after the mysterious angel investment favored, the internet lab’s Film China website recently reported new news, weighing gold purchased new domain name (www.mov.cn).

days before, the author from the movie China official was informed that, for the sake of users in concept, to create "film based MySpace", in the movie China purchased the domain name, mov.cn has officially opened yesterday.

"movie China just two weeks of release, it has been widely acclaimed by many friends and Internet movie. Of course, there are a lot of users to reflect the domain name is too long, not easy to remember and use Chinese ordinary Internet users. Based on this consideration, the Internet Lab around looking, and finally bought a new domain name. It should be said that this is one of the ideal domain names of Chinese film website. Because the film’s goal is not only a single user of professional film enthusiasts, but more importantly, the public. Therefore, our domain name must also be more popular, more conducive to communication." The site’s project mentor Fang Xingdong, on the purchase of a new domain name on the motives and purpose.

Change the

It is reported that
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Net ASP PHP and other process outsourcing cooperation

whether you want to develop portal or OA CRM, or even online games, mobile games, ERP. We will be very responsible to tell you that we can do!

different users in the web application functional requirements will be different, a lot of sharing or public sale site often can not meet user needs to use and manage, only according to their own needs to make a personalized website program to the site after the operation brings good results. We provide customized procedures and modify the service is based on the specific circumstances of the user, the specific requirements of the corresponding web site design procedures to provide the appropriate services. read more

nstall a App do a B2B to do something practical to the countryside

Wen / Kang Meng

hunger breeds discontentment, continuous development of the most basic human survival needs to rely on agriculture to meet. As the world’s second largest population, agriculture occupies an extremely important position in China’s national economy. However, in the process of rapid and distorted development of Chinese style, China’s agricultural problems increasingly prominent. The food safety problem of agricultural products, a large number of unmarketable problems appear frequently, only the agricultural management level upgrading to support food consumer upgrades. read more

Ali micro business finally came mobile phone Taobao can open shop


] April 15th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, Ali yesterday launched a service to the seller’s shop "shop", features of this tool is the seller to complete all store operations in the wireless terminal, you can also share the social networking platform, pull flow.

According to

, the seller through the phone Taobao login, you can achieve on the goods, shipping and store management functions. On the goods through the completion of the completion of the scan code, the seller can scan the goods with a camera barcode can be on the goods, the scan can be shipped to express a single bar code, thanks to the construction of the scale of the bar code before ali. In addition, the overall process compared to the PC side simplifies a lot. read more

Domain deletion list July 6 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact / consulting qq  35996213 email/msn 0051@vip.163.com 0516–83777726


xxbst.cn 258u.com
cqou.com / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Jingdong recharge platform vulnerabilities netizens said the police received a phone call

Beijing News (reporter He Guang Liu Xia) yesterday, the Jingdong mall confirmed its recharge platform loopholes on the evening of October 30th, causing the user to exploit the vulnerability of taking calls. Jingdong said that the current platform vulnerabilities have been repaired, the specific loss is still in the investigation, will retain the right to pursue legal responsibility for malicious orders.

The emergence of major flaw

new features

yesterday, there are users in the micro-blog forum, broke the news, said the evening of 30 22:30-23:40, the Jingdong recharge platform (vulnerability), BUG appeared that Jingdong launched recharge activities in the above period, charge calls, etc. will not be deducted points Q coins, users can free unlimited recharge. read more

Double 11 founder Zhang Yong Ali to eight years crossed the itch

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong

Sina Technology Zhang Jun

Hongkong October 21, 2016, super typhoon "hippocampus" strikes, storm, Hongkong street shops closed, few pedestrians.


in Tmall 2016 double 11 launch day media, ushered in the departure fully cancel. For Tmall, the typhoon is fabulous, Hongkong compatriots spent in shopping in Tmall." One can not go out because of the choice of the brush Tmall media counterparts half jokingly said.

history may always be similar. In the spring of 2003, SARS raged, and the economy entered an unprecedented winter. And Taobao was born at this time, and homeopathy grow. read more

Analysts said eBay should acquire Groupon and release its potential value


technology news (Zhong Tao) July 31st Beijing time news, foreign media on Monday published a review article said, eBay in the successful implementation of a "stage a comeback", should consider a purchase request to the group purchase website Groupon, while the release of Groupon has not been the real value of mining potential market.

below is the full text of the article:

CEO John · in eBay (John Donahoe) under the leadership of the success of the company’s recent market performance is quite good. Since the beginning of this year, eBay shares rose by about 50%. At the same time, Groupon share price has shrunk by 2/3. read more

Jingdong mall will be online buy site buy fierce competition in the field

, according to voice of China news evening peak reported that Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) revealed that Jingdong mall will enter the field of group buying, 20 will be online buy site. Jingdong in the interpretation of the group will buy now with most of the site which is not at the same time, Liu Qiangdong said: we will provide a nationwide kind of buy service."

for the first time in the field of group purchase in the U.S. group net, just a few months time, the rain is like bamboo shoots emerge nearly 1000 areas into the group purchase group purchase website, thousands of war stage, Hong Bo (micro-blog), group purchase website is the biggest advantage of low prices, but forever is a double-edged sword. The user can bring, but bring are extremely price sensitive users, the Jingdong for the long-term coexistence of advantages and disadvantages of the development of shopping mall. read more

Think about what the future of Taobao’s selling point

recent webmaster forums and groups are discussed in the Baidu K station and how to deal with the next. When we blame others for introspection, your site is not really needed by the user, or just to satisfy your search engine and let the flow of cash. We should understand that the site is not just to do the spider look, content and user experience is the most important.

I believe there are a lot of people like me and do not have to run off the Taobao K station event, I have complained, but also need to think about it, then talk about my own ideas. read more

Network network with professional wine to enhance ecological competitiveness

recently, the new board of "eco wine enterprises" the first network network fully open the 4 anniversary banquet. ". This is also its landing three new board, for the first time to start the integration efforts of the whole channel marketing activities.

this anniversary, rich SKU and scene of the extension of the consumer, revealing the strategic orientation and brand trend of deep professional network network platform. Not only doubled the product SKU, but also to join the ecological play and so on. At the same time, the line launched the annual ecological Partner Conference, a series of actions to release a strong signal: network network has constructed a complete ecosystem, the ecological potential will expand to B2B. read more

Ali or PSEN leveraging the day O2O market

August 22nd news, news sources, the Alibaba will be leveraging PISEN’s "day" system of O2O force field.

it is understood that PISEN has been in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four first-tier cities began to provide 1 hours of service, in addition, PISEN also provides services for the day of the more than and 140 city. PISEN will build online and offline price "," 100 city day "," sunflower carry service "three service system, to provide offsite return, door-to-door express film, change and other human services. read more

On behalf of the operating giant accused of cheating 20 businesses were pit

news December 1st, the day before, many sellers Taobao billion state power network to reflect, in eleven double preheating stage, the electricity generation operation by giant LUNYUAN electricity supplier to buy a batch of taobao.com internal resources, but the effect is poor, the conversion rate is very low, and in the preheated three days flow abnormality. So the seller who questioned LUNYUAN suspected of "brush flow".

rough approach, two days before the flow is very poor, we have to complain, and respect and respect for the treasure negotiations." Broke the seller said, the last day, two hours to a pile of traffic, are more than ten thousand or twenty thousand UV, the United States, Pakistan, IP, but there is no collection, no inquiry, no conversion. The next few days to contact the treasure respect will ignore, if the other home is even, the key is treasure respect, and the location is still Taobao station, really incredible." read more

SF 757 acquisition of second hand and 767 aircraft to force the cross border electricity supplier


(Group) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SF) into e-commerce and offline stores opened the action more dramatic in the past two years, but the domestic private express leader did not relax the pace of expansion in the courier industry.

in the Alibaba, Jingdong of the electricity supplier mall spending huge sums to build its own logistics system when the SF has for the next market growth point of cross-border electricity supplier business network layout and capacity.

extended read more

Ma Yun end of the year said the company issued a huge red envelopes indefinitely postponed listing

Alibaba board chairman Ma


technology news January 26th afternoon news, Alibaba group chairman of the board and CEO Ma this morning said in an internal e-mail, in order to ensure the rapid China e-commerce infrastructure, Alibaba subsidiaries of the group listing plan will be postponed indefinitely. At the same time, he said Alibaba group will issue a more generous red envelopes.

"I personally in the past year, the development of the group is basically satisfied, we are particularly for Alipay and Taobao’s progress has been appreciated," Ma said in the message, in the past year the Alibaba adhere to open, transparent, sharing, responsibility and the principle of "globalization, development of electronic commerce to China positive role". read more

Gome evolution path from the uterus to three carriages parallel

in the latest round of capital operation in the United States and the United States, Wong Kwong Yu, like a stealth king, still through the wall to show his new ideas in the layout of e-commerce.

May 25th, Gome (micro-blog) Hongkong stock exchange announcement confirmed that Gome has to 12 million yuan price of the acquisition of Kuba founder Wang Zhiquan’s remaining 20% stake, holding fully kuba. This is completed, with a total of HK $90 million 90 thousand (about 73 million 330 thousand yuan) price to Wong Kwong Yu’s Gome sharp dynamic transfer library network and Pakistan new beauty (responsible for the operation of Gome online mall) 40% stake. read more

Talk about electricity supplier dead law how to make electricity supplier is not good

2012 is a vertical electric grim year, Ma also said: "today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people died in tomorrow night, only to see that the real heroes of the sun the day after tomorrow. Indeed, we can see if the dimension of cotton, poly products, Zun cool Yao, 100… I have been very difficult to count the past 2012 a total number of vertical electric layoffs, closed down. So why not better than vertical electric? This is actually a chain at the end of the tragedy caused by N. Vertical electricity supplier’s death law and what can you give us advice? read more

Taobao answers don’t win business details muddleheaded bartending

millet that statistics is any one owner must pay attention to and strictly implement the daily affairs, the only way you can return the whereabouts of funds and have a clear understanding, this is the objective basis to guide the next step of the plan, you can avoid subjective errors caused to a great extent. The so-called "close difference", this is the eternal teachings, regardless of the business are big and the small can not be ignored.

need to go to the statistics and analysis of the data include these aspects: read more

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