Bao Mao high speed Sichuan section of the accident occurred 9 dead more than 20 injured

traffic safety is an important social problem, and many people are killed in traffic accidents every year. Recently, a large accident occurred in Sichuan Mao Mao high-speed, resulting in 9 deaths and many injured. Tragic accident alert the majority of drivers friends, driving must pay attention to traffic safety.

12 morning, G65 Baomao expressway of Chongqing Linshui county territory has two traffic accidents occurred, two accidents caused a total of 9 people were killed and more than and 20 people were injured. Scene appalling. read more

Cosmetics store can quickly enhance the popularity of such shops decoration

open cosmetics shop, in addition to the site should pay attention to before, this part of the decoration is also very important. You know, good decoration can attract more customers for your cosmetics store. Cosmetic shop decoration can not only reflect the store’s cultural style, and brand connotation, highlighting products, more conducive to creating a comfortable and pleasant shopping environment. So how to decorate the cosmetics shop?



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Entrepreneurial female shepherd drives the village to get rich cheated again

entrepreneurship on the road is full of hardships, for conscientious entrepreneurs, the most angry is cheated in the entrepreneurial process. Being abducted and planting watermelon capital, Baimiao village Wencheng town villagers He Junhua in Langzhong city on the road of entrepreneurship has repeatedly frustrated. In 2011, she refused to admit defeat to return home to start a business, founded Jun Hua livestock farms, by breeding small tail Han sheep, embarked on the road to riches. She also accidentally harvested love. read more

Dessert franchise business details

China’s dessert compared with foreign countries, but it is better, just from the Chinese dessert pattern, it should be no country can match it.

Chinese food in the dessert, the pattern of many, the law of food, in the world, I am afraid that one of the best. Foreigners make sweets, probably nothing more than pudding, or butter, eggs and other pastries, but in every part of China has different characteristics, in addition to candy cakes, there are a variety of sweet soup. After the meal dessert generally refers to sweet snacks, sometimes with rich snacks such as cheese instead. Because in nineteenth Century before the western society of sugar is not universal, the use will be regarded as a symbol of nobility, so in the Western dessert is a certain status. Due to the widespread use of sugar, meanwhile the desserts become popular and develop diversified characteristics. In the numerous dessert shop to join the list, to distinguish between what is the best dessert shop to join, it is necessary to analyze from the comprehensive strength: 1, strength 2, join the dessert dessert dessert brand 3, unique innovation and technology. read more

Another way is not only women’s jewelry market

is now in such a era of the pursuit of individuality, not just women’s exclusive jewelry already, more and more men love wearing all kinds of personalized jewelry, this is a great market, how to grasp the opportunities for investment, male jewelry is a good choice for


Dongshankou in Guangzhou downtown grew up small lake, has a special "feel" for fashion highlights, because of this, he caught a small business the first taste of the soup, successfully opened a men alloy jewelry shop. He used the best-selling mid-range products assembled high-end sales model, both to reduce the cost of purchase and brand effect. read more

Handmade leather market demand

now uses leather products the number of people is more and more big, but not on the market or supply of leather, or expensive, it is difficult to meet the basic needs of people, if to open a handmade leather workshop, is undoubtedly a great business opportunities, and it is the market demand, profit outlook guangzhou!

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Chengdu create entrepreneurial Tianfu attract foreign enterprises to settle down

Chengdu Chengdu has always been known as "the land of abundance", now Chengdu proposed to build a new "venture Tianfu" plan, to attract more foreign entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises to the development of Chengdu.

from guanggansiling had, until now, slowly on the right track. In the past year, after 85 Henan guy Zhang but a lot of emotion. Last year, the company’s turnover reached 400 thousand yuan, so that just graduated a few years, Rong Piao entrepreneurs in Chengdu found a home feeling. In fact, there are more foreign entrepreneurs like Zhang Ran are constantly gathering in Chengdu. read more

Hot fishing business projects selected fishing hot Master how net

, as the sea fishing to join the brand is so hot, like fishing fishing projects in recent years, the degree of popularity in China staggering. Life, we can easily find out that we dine out 2/3 of the form of food and beverage consumption will be a little hot fishing form, visible strong fishing fishing market.

is the current hot fish to join the market for a new hot project, has a large number of consumers, more and more franchisees to join the fishing hot, so hot out to join what to choose? Xiaobian to recommend fishing hot Master today, this is a good brand, then join the brand how much is it? read more

Belel’s high quality brand new business venture investment

in the hearts of modern people, not what is more important than the healthy growth of children, children joined Belel headquarters aware of the psychological needs of consumers, adhere to quality, continuously improve the quality and style, quickly won the hearts of consumers, many people have asked Belel kids?

as a popular brand, Michael berrer provides rich brand children’s clothing products to consumers. Store activities in the layout of the material and the rendering of the atmosphere in place, so that the store’s sales performance is more lively! It is understood that the shop assistants do joint sales have a set, the majority of consumers into the store is complete the purchase, the purchase of four or five products per Belel in a few customers, Belel joined the children’s clothing? read more

The welfare of urban and rural residents in Xiamen to call the basic pension increased to 260 yuan

in the past when people in order to prevent their own aging, there is often a "and" saying, let your life is guaranteed when older, but the new Chinese since the government gave more support to the elderly population. Xiamen urban and rural residents pension rose! Reporters learned yesterday from the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of human resources and social welfare, urban and rural residents in Xiamen basic pension standard monthly increase of 15 yuan, adjusted to $260, the level of treatment to continue to maintain the province’s first, the forefront of the country. The adjustment will have more than 50 thousand people directly benefit. read more

A few tips to set up shop

business is not everyone can do, if you are doing business or want to do business, best can understand some business related things, so as to make the business more smoothly, Xiaobian analyze several points, for your reference, the inadequacies also please forgive me, feeling interested please look after.

A: do not stare at the customer dogged, the non-stop chatter without stop case: Mike has been scared away only a dozen paces the drugstore — its appearance is very impressive, shelf design was open, is typical of the drug store, and the clerk is very warm. But the problem is precisely on the "very warm". When the customer enters the hall, the door of the counter will continue to pass moves Lai sound, mouth kept asking "what to buy?" "What’s wrong with the body?"…… Even if you have bought one, they will introduce another. When you go out, the cold which salesman will plug you a flyer, said: "go back slowly, promising to come here to buy!" You see, only to find that described above is not a weight loss drug is prevalis two: under certain circumstances, some goods keeps its messy but can attract customers: the case of Guangdong a multimedia company in some bookstore, shop counters, software software is placed on the float in sell. When the customer after the float, you will find the car placed on the brightly coloured software is very attractive, and the bookstore books audio and video products arranged in good order in stark contrast. Many people will ask: "how do you do?" The answer is: "this will attract people, people have a sense of freedom." read more

What are the methods of specialty stores to join

specialty is a local characteristics, many friends like to bring some specialty home. In recent years, specialty products to the vast number of consumers, with the increase in demand, so many investors find business opportunities. However, specialty Monopoly products business opportunities, get good development needs of the operator to pay attention to a lot of things, so in the end how to manage the development of


specialty stores to join the market opportunities, business operators in order to succeed, we must pay close attention to specialty monopoly characteristics, specialty stores to join the need to pay attention to what? Unique products to get more attention of consumers, the crucial point in the daily operation is to have a service with a smile, a smile is the best way to communicate with people, smile of infinite charm, is the source of profit, the sales staff must have a smile from the heart. read more

Mouth Jianbao shop to teach you how to profit Business

to say how much the snack industry market prospects, see his market will know. The big market can not see us look at the small aspects of our lives away from the opening of the snack bar? Snack stalls long state can not explain the prosperity of the snack bar? Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a good snack to join the project – Weifang mouth water fried bag. Weifang Jianbao mouth to everyone’s life to bring the convenience, therefore the development speed of Weifang mouth Jianbao market is also very fast, it will attract a lot of investors’ eyes, Weifang Jianbao mouth join also OK? How can we better profit read more

s fishing on the health and Nutrition Hot pot to join

hot pot food, sought after by consumers, has a high popularity. Today Xiaobian to introduce fishing hot pot? Very small hot pot, health and trustworthy. A lot of delicious hot pot to join the project, are not as good as the choice to join the fishing hot pot! Still on the hot pot to join, all the year round is earned!

is out of Hot pot ingredients are after the first rinse pickled way, no one can imitate the secret material bag, 15 bottom let you choose the most suitable for their own taste, multiple choices let you enjoy the most abundant small Hot pot delicacy, how can Hot pot do not get angry not sought after is out of Hot pot? Let you go on to join the successful path of prosperity. read more

The characteristics of delicious fried chicken delicacy choose Blaine fried chicken shop

joined in many of the snack items, fried chicken shop operating in the hot food market in two years, people’s consumption concept features affordable and delicious fried chicken snacks has become the trend of the streets delicacy, but also makes every kind of fried chicken brand after birth. Fried chicken shop to become the first choice to make money, then fried chicken shop to join which is better, of course, authentic Korean brand – Blaine fried chicken.

Korean fried chicken fried chicken market in the country has a large market share, Blaine fried chicken is one of the best. Process for the production of authentic authentic taste, won the consumer favorite, the store business is booming, all the materials are strictly chosen, the safest and most healthy green food, the most unique taste, is definitely the first choice brand to join the. read more

The investment interest is good Hot pot small fishing net

can take the characteristics of the food and beverage brands on the table will be sought after by consumers. At the moment people are very fond of the characteristics of the flavor of food, such as fun fishing small pot. At present, the small fishing interest Hot pot breakthrough limitations of traditional Hot pot, has introduced new delicacy, now the fun fishing small Hot pot headquarter adhere to the quality, for people to bring the fresh characteristics of the small Hot pot, popular, then this 18 yuan small self-help Hot pot join what? Look at the face of fun fishing small Hot pot brand: read more

How about agent bear Bai Bai colorful children

children’s clothing market, the development of large space. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the children’s clothing market, no doubt, is very wise, very powerful choice. What about the children? Good project, good choice. Easy to learn fast, reliable, it is worth joining!

bear five yuan Bai Bai is a set of children’s clothing children’s clothing design, development, production, sales as one of professional children’s clothing brand, owned by the design team, France, Italy and Japan and other countries constitute the professional elite senior children’s clothing design, and a number of professional scientific research personnel of the project’s R & D Specialist Group, bear Bai Bai’s after years of colorful children’s clothing Market Research and product research and development, operating more than ten years of garment industry, accumulated the rich operation experience brands. read more

The Wonton & noodles dumplings than worry free project to make money

delicious snacks, always very attractive to the eyes of consumers. With our pace of life is speeding up, our life pressure increases gradually, the business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join us Wonton & noodles than dumplings, is the very development space project selection. So, what are you hesitating about?

than dumplings Wonton & noodles play the beauty of their own brand products "delicious", "thin filling big", "fresh soup thick", "product features delicious", has been widely recognized by consumers, sale of 5 categories, more than and 70 varieties of products. Investment than dumplings beauty Wonton & noodles, to make money is to worry. The customer can than the dumpling store nearby to eat, can also be directly through the meal, the whole process is very convenient. read more

Tangrun joined with what kind of conditions of eight


Tangrun eight? The best choice for small business. If you to join Tangrun Bazhen project, is also very exciting, how to choose to join Tangrun eight? An open their own Tang Run eight stores, is very wise, very has the advantage of not?

is a company engaged in Tang Yun Bazhen Tang run chain Deli Bazhen franchise business professional management consulting company. The company owns four chain stores, the successful operation of nearly twenty years. The assets of up to tens of millions of yuan, the company by virtue of the original after dozens of precious Chinese herbal medicine refined extract and select one hundred years of Tang Run eight secret recipe. The products by consumers around the love, firm size and brand influence is growing. read more