Sushi sushi

sushi is a unique food and beverage from Japan, the development has been gradually recognized by the global food and beverage consumers. And one of the most special sushi. Sushi has a long history, the founder is a 24 year old boy, his dream is to open a new style sushi sushi shop, so the founder of the sushi. At that time, sushi is also more expensive, in order to allow more people to taste this delicious food, but also to make the high price of sushi become civilians, he launched a round of sushi sushi fire all over the whole of japan. Under the leadership of Mr. Saito, Yuan Yang sushi Co., Ltd. was formally established in 1990, with a vibrant smile as a brand logo, instant high quality becomes a symbol of sushi. A year later, sushi sushi company successfully listed in japan. read more

Home textile chain stores to seize repeat customers

with the people’s living conditions continue to improve, requirements for the quality of life is also on the rise, the textile shop to seize the business, to repeat, we must learn how to respect the customer, but also for the sake of customers, they need to provide high quality products, so as to better serve the public, to win more opportunities for development for yourself. So, for the novice, how to operate a chain of home textiles how easy to seize repeat customers? Friends who are interested to go with a small bar to see it. read more

Meet big coffee Robin Li interpretation of the real Baidu head

met big coffee Robin Li, as the head of China’s largest search engine, Baidu Robin Li high visibility, but in real work, how is a person in the Robin Li? You will find the answer in the CCTV financial channel record big meet big coffee.

"fan", "handsome", "low-key"…… As the flagship of the Internet, big coffee, rarely appeared in public places Robin Li, every time they are accompanied by the above label.

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WeChat how to sell fruit profit 40 thousand

last weekend at night xianlaiwushi, use WeChat to search for people in the vicinity, accidentally discovered the micro signal below us the fruit shop, the name is XX small fruit shop, which marked the signature can be delivered, contact. With a curious mind I added to their account (personal WeChat, non public platform), he took the initiative to say hello to me, asked me if I live near here? They did not have a membership card? Has recently been to their shop? Just like chatting with friends…… read more

Gas station in the non peak period should do what all

any one of the business premises will almost always have a busy and idle time, then, how to use this idle time has become a lot of operators worry about problems, such as gas station operators. So, what should the gas station do during peak hours? Let Xiaobian to provide two suggestions.

suggested one

to do the scene timely improve

in the non peak hours, gas stations should be promptly exposed to the peak of the oil problems in a timely manner rectification. One is for the peak period problems, to strengthen staff skills training, improve employee ability; two timely cleaning, such as refueling site, toilet top, gas station and other areas, to maintain good capacity station appearance. read more

How to find the characteristics of food and beverage franchise project

now invest in food and beverage projects, franchisees will choose some of the characteristics of the brand, so as to be more attractive. If you open a special restaurant franchise, then how should we do to improve the success rate? If you are interested in this issue, you can take a look at the small sum up a few tips, I hope to help you.

project 1: accurate evaluation of the characteristics of food and beverage franchise. At present, China’s franchise business is at a stage of rapid development, opportunities and risks coexist, the franchisee can not only explore the surprising gold mine, may also fall into the trap of evil. How to choose a good food chain franchise business, has become a chain of small and medium investors want to join the chain of food and beverage success or failure of the focus. read more

Beverage shop to join can create wealth

now people are very interested in delicacy and drink, not to eat more to enjoy life. Some people seize the opportunity to open a beverage shop, beverage shop to join can create wealth? Let’s take a look at it and see how Ms. Zhang managed to get rich with a drink shop.

whether summer or winter cold drink, warm warm tea, fresh spring or autumn pudding, nourishing and delicious fruit, Hyun e joined many diners, Goods are available in all varieties., all customers sought, let e stores four dazzle fruit maintained a considerable profit, high sales to lovers! Good cup of red bean pudding, with the love of good times or pupils rushed out to buy Italian ice cream and fruit milkshake, enjoy the beautiful childhood. E to join dazzle fruit that always brings happiness to people. read more

How to increase sales

to do business to increase their sales skills is very important, a good choice can bring greater benefits in general, do lighting products business, investment must be accurate, Home Furnishing lighting agency is now some entrepreneurs choose, together have a look described in the paper!

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The bakery is ready

we go to dinner will be a meal and then choose the location of a quiet meal, as long as a good dish, the original silence will be broken, you will begin to enjoy your meal time. We can see that the food is good for us, this is a very sensitive to a variety of words. In Guangzhou Jiangnan West, this there is a Cake Bakery bread — well, shop with bright pure white color decoration, the door can see the cake and put in order in the showcase of bread baked bread inserted full time to do the cake shop to join, I’m afraid if some thoughts. read more

The girl died of liver and kidney donated 16 year old Xiangyang girl died suddenly with severe illne

6 days ago, 16 year old Nanzhang County of Xiangyang city girl Li Yiqian bursting with diseases. When life was about to die, grieving parents decided to donate organs. Yesterday, Li Yiqian donated liver, kidney and other organs, transplanted into the body of 3 patients, smooth operation. Contribute to save, but also the child’s wish. I hope the children can change the way, continue to live in this world, leave us some thoughts, go more valuable." Li Yiqian’s mother, said Chen Xiaoyan. In the photo of her hand, Li Yiqian smiled brightly, as if he had never left. read more

What are some of the part time entrepreneurship projects in Guangdong

different cities, different provinces, due to different economic and geographical location, and other countries will not be the same business dealings. In general, a large number of large cities in the south of various economic transactions more common, which will bring a variety of entrepreneurial needs will naturally be greater. As long as the business is really in line with the market demand for good business, will naturally be able to create a higher wealth. Of course, the premise is to be able to choose business opportunities. So, what part of the Guangdong entrepreneurial part-time projects? read more

nnovation in order to win the market five innovative entrepreneurial model

want to make money, will be sharp eyed, one step ahead to start, will be able to monopolize the market, create enormous wealth, always do what people do bad projects, so others can only eat the odds and ends of a meal left, now editorial recommendation the following five investment direction, let your ancestors step


concept of entrepreneurship

advantage: the concept of entrepreneurship has a magical effect of the particular itself is not able to perform wonders, a lot of resources to entrepreneurs, to get all kinds of resources through the unique creative. read more

Nanjing property market regulation and control of developers passion unabated

this year, a number of cities in the market prices have been a substantial increase in the phenomenon of the government facing this crazy property market phenomenon, and actively take relevant measures to stop. Under the control of the property market, developers take the enthusiasm did not significantly lower. On the morning of November 17th, the first land auction held in Nanjing after the property market regulation and control, from Jiangning, Jiangbei a total of 9 plots on the auction station. The 3 plots become the new deal after the first hit the highest price, and will decide the ownership of the land yaohao. November 18th afternoon, the 3 land in the Land Bureau open yaohao. read more

See 90 Beauty how to earn 50 thousand yuan by O2O service

in recent years, O2O services can be described as a fire, the influx of hot money in the O2O services industry has spawned a number of freelancers. They use their proficiency in a particular line to start a small project O2O business services.

Xia Xinyue was born in

1991, Shenzhen, became a O2O service platform, the division of the United States and the United States, division, the highest single month the amount of more than 50 thousand yuan, much higher than the income of many peers.

provides on-site service nail division monthly income of up to 70 thousand yuan, beautician monthly income of more than $more than 20 thousand, also more than 15 thousand masseuse income…… Reporter recently interviewed a number of O2O service platform, found that the influx of hot money in the O2O industry has also spawned a number of high-income free occupation, they have their own income, workplace high proficiency in a particular line, become the main reason to attract their freedom. read more