Odriozola, a step away from Bayern

first_imgBayern’s intention is to give coach Hansi Flick more options on the right side. The defensive section is a priority when looking for reinforcements after a real plague of injuries that ended up whipping Bayern during the first round of the championship. Kimmich started in the right-handed lane during the last season, but after the arrival of Pavard he occupies the position of midfielder. The incorporation of Odriozola, in addition to giving Flick more options, would allow Mr. Mister to move Pavard to the central position where he currently does not have the services of Süle, Lucas and Javi Martínez due to injury.Without the confidence of the technicianThe Spanish international arrived at Real Madrid in the summer of 2018 coming from Real Sociedad and barely counts for Zidane since the defeat in Mallorca last October, the last one suffered by the white team; this season only adds 434 minutes on the pitch distributed in five games; In addition, it has been left out of the Zidane call in 17 of the 28 matches played. In need of minutes, the Bundesliga can offer you the perfect scenario to regain confidence. According to numerous German media, the muniqueses intend to seize the services of Odriozola as a loan, tto and as it happened in his day with James Rodriguez, who wore Bavarian clothing for two seasons.Own Zinedine Zidane has just confirmed that “Odriozola has an option to leave, but still not official. We’re going to wait”. Odriozola is about to leave Real Madrid. The side of San Sebastian has not trained this morning on the grass of Valdebebas with his teammates and in the next few hours he could leave on loan to the Bunsdesliga. At this time, his most likely destination seems to be Bayern Munich. last_img read more

Gutierrez has used 12 different defensive lines in 13 games

first_imgJosé María Gutiérrez has only repeated defense once: in the defeat against Elche and in the tie in Soria, Martos, Costas, Maras and Balliu acted. In the rest of the meetings, Torrejón de Ardoz has drawn a different defense, either with five troops (initially only in Lugo and Almendralejo) or four. If the figure of twelve LPRs in thirteen matches is striking, it is no less the fact that they have used up to twelve defenses in that period of time: Martos, Jonathan, Owona, Maras, Ozornwafor, Costas, Petrovic, De la Hoz, Balliu, Romera and Corpas.The previous names will be joined in the next days Francis, which will raise the figure to the dozen, which are the total players who have acted in the defense throughout the course, since, before breaking, Juan Ibiza acted in the first two days; neither Peybernes nor Tano did it, this summer’s acquisitions. On that first date the defense was formed by Romera, Owona, Ibiza and Martos, who repeated the next game.On day 3, the rear formed by Romera, Owona, Maras and Martos, the most used this season (up to five times) was released. The other most used defense was that of Balliu, Maras, Martos and Jonathan, who acted in the last two games of Pedro Emanuel and Gutierrez’s first. The coach born in Angola used up to seven defensive lines in fourteen days. It is not usual to see in a second classified up to 16 different defensive lines (not counting the modifications made in the second parts) once disputed almost three quarters of competition. And even less, that in his last thirteen meetings he has presented twelve different defenses. It is the stretch since Gutierrez is in command of an Almeria that does not finish seeing his defense set up, something weird for a title candidate. Last Friday it was rare to see a midfielder (Petrovic) central, a central (David Costas) on the right side and a right side (Romera) on the bench.last_img read more

United gave Bournemouth 15 minutes to sell to King

first_imgAccording The athletic, the options were two. On the one hand it was Joshua King, the Norwegian of Bournemouth who have been following for some time, and on the other Odion Ighalo, the Nigerian of Shanghai Shenhua who in his day we could see in the Pomegranate. It was the last day of the winter transfer window and Manchester United needed a striker in a hurry, both for the performance of the team during the season, as the recent injuries in attack. Premier League* Data updated as of February 18, 2020 25 7 And by the last day of the transfer market, the executive vice president, Ed woodward, made a call to Neill baker, the president of Bournemouth. In it he gave an ultimatum: “You have fifteen minutes to tell us if you accept the offer or we will sign a player from China.” At that time they had offered 25 million pounds, that is, 30 million euros. Nevertheless, the English club did not accept the offer on time, so United met its threat and finally Ighalo was chosen, who traveled even without passing the corresponding medical examination. The Nigerian striker has not yet been able to train with the rest of his teammates for the precautions that are being taken because of the coronavirus since he is coming from China, although it is expected to enter the next team calls.last_img read more

Valencia wants to close the central Javi Sánchez this week

first_imgIn the case of Hugo Guillamón, the player does not yet have a renewal offer from the club. Barcelona has it on a list of young talents although at the moment there is no firm offer. For all this, and for the deadlines that begin to run out (this week you must request the corresponding permission to sign) Valencia wants to close the reinforcement. And right now, the center they are moving through is Javi Sánchez, a 23-year-old player, owned by Real Madrid and assigned to Real Valladolid, as advanced as.com, on the afternoon of last Friday. Mangala’s injury still leaves Valencia more exposed for the final part of the season. Right now with Diakhaby as the only healthy center and the alternative of Hugo Guillamón, who already played last Saturday at Anoeta, the central position in Valencia is more than with pins.The statements of Captain Parejo, in Anoeta, towards the directive also put a little more pressure on the offices of Valencia since Garay was injured almost a month ago and there are still no movements in the form of reinforcement for the central zone of the Valencian defense.center_img The Madrid defender he has only played 90 minutes, in Copa del Rey, this season in Valladolid since he was injured in the ankle and has not been recovered until last January. Now you are ready to compete. Valencia and the player already have a closed agreement for the remainder of the season and the next (16 months) and Valladolid would approve the player to change his air. The biggest problem right now lies in Real Madrid. The white club has no problem in giving Valencia to the canterano at this time but the disagreement lies in the purchase option that would be valid in June 2021. Valencia wants to have the pan by the handle and be able to run it unilaterally to keep the footballer in property. In that case, I would propose a repurchase option for Madrid in later years. Instead, The white club does not want to lose control over the player as they consider it very valid despite the fact that this year he has barely played for the injury. He wants a pure assignment.last_img read more

The CSD authorizes the RFEF the electoral advance

first_imgThe news has not fallen well in the electoral office of the other candidate, Iker Casillas, who has put a letter via the official record of the CSD in which he requests an interview with Irene Lozano, with whom until now the former captain of the National Team had maintained direct telephone contact. Casillas’ last message to Lozano was conclusive: “I would feel very bad if the elections in the Federation are advanced,” which is what has finally happened. Casillas can still choose to move forward with his candidacy or not to present battle to Rubiales. The Higher Sports Council (CSD) has authorized the electoral advance requested by Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). The decision has been taken by the Secretary of State, Irene Lozano, after taking into consideration the legal reports of the State Law and the Administrative Court of Sport. The RFEF will call the elections next Monday and the elections will be held just before the European Championship, in the first half of June.last_img read more

The Real Madrid quarantine: “The key is not to win a kilo”

first_imgThese are indications very similar to those received by players during the summer holidays and also those for Christmas: watch your diet, make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep each day, and do gentle exercises to keep fit. Although of all these points the most important is the first, that of food, according to Dr. José González, head of Rayo’s medical services and director of the Deyre Clinic, as well as medical adviser to Diario AS.“The key is that the players do not gain weight, they must take care of the food to the maximum. When you have to go back, you should not have extra kilos, that is the most important thing. Eat right and don’t be lazy. It is about maintaining their nutritional habits ”, comments Dr. González; customs that will become more complicated with the players at home much of the time. You can go out to dinner or make use of their leisure hours, but they have been asked to limit these outings as much as possible and not to leave Madrid.Ramos, at his home gym. Real Madrid has reacted quickly to the positive for Thomkins coronavirus, a player in the white team’s basketball section, and has sent his first two squads home in quarantine. It will be 15-20 days of isolation, without group training and with little control by the Madrid coaching staff towards their players. Although after Dr. Niko Mihic, head of the white medical services, gave the bad news to the players, Zidane has already informed the staff that they will be assigned an individual job that they must do at home so as not to lose shape and be ready for when the situation returns, whenever. For Dr. González, two weeks is not enough time to lose the form or rhythm of the competition, if the appropriate guidelines are followed: “They don’t have to get back in bad physical shape, as long as they eat well and do some maintenance exercise”. A maintenance exercise that will be set by Grégory Dupont, physical trainer for the white team, signed last summer by Zidane from the French national team to replace Antonio Pintus’ departure to Inter Milan. “Each physical trainer makes his own plan, but it is something simple: continuous running, series, some machine exercises … All of this can serve to maintain shape during these two weeks.”From Moscow he attends to AS Paulino Granero, physical trainer of the Russian team; Granero considers that the continuous work of the players is not going to be problematic: “Any player from Madrid has an indoor swimming pool, an exercise bike, some dumbbells, some tires, a garden in which to do a 14-15 circuit seasons… This can come to many even well, given the density of matches on the calendar. His would be to combine aerobic exercises, such as cycling or running on the treadmill, with other strength-resistance exercises and gradually mix intensities. Do something every day, on the lighter day do some gentle swimming or cycling. The important thing is to be a professional and have good habits, training and life “.For the Almerian preparer, the diet also has a fundamental weight, as well as the activity during the day: “Being at home all day long depresses you, you have to take care of what you eat, have a good sleep regime and do not abuse staying up late, or spending all day on the sofa, or playing … “. And where Granero shows concern is in the case of the injured, players who need constant and face-to-face monitoring. “Players right now, with the social networks and the technology that there is, can be followed well, you send them what they have to do and you can even see them while they do it. The muscle injured is more worrying, they need a day-to-day follow-up with physical therapy, machines, personalized exercises … If there is an alarm state and the players are also in quarantine, they cannot deal with other people at the risk of infection. ”last_img read more

The federation is considering suspending the Super League due to the coronavirus

first_imgConsequently the Turkish football federation must make a decision to stop all football competitions until the first week of April. Depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, the suspension time may be extended.Those responsible for the federation are expected to make the decision official after the match that Göztepe and Rizespor will play on Tuesday afternoon. Over the weekend all matches in the Turkish league have been played without an audience due to the coronavirus pandemic. In principle, the Galatasaray, which was supported by several clubs and by the players of the rest of the Turkish Super League team, are against this decision and have pressured the Federation to suspend the league.Despite the request, the derby between Galatasaray – Besiktas (0-0) did not stop and it was played without an audience. After the derby, the Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim and the Uruguayan goalkeeper Fernando Muslera pointed out that “the life and health of the people is the most important thing and that they had to suspend all games. Soccer players worry about the coronavirus, they cannot continue playing and we demand that the league be paralyzed. “last_img read more

Almería, almost full of troops in case of promotion

first_imgIn addition, from the offices of the Vega de Acá work is already underway to expand more contracts, for example, Fernando’s. For their part, the loaned Sivera (Alavés), Francis (Betis), Costas (Celta), Kaptoum (Betis), Lazo (Getafe), Villalba (Birmingham) and Barbero (Osasuna) will be Almería footballers in the event that this ascends to First Division (Lazo will be rojiblanco five more years in the absence of officiality). For his part, the director general of the UDA, Mohamed El Assy, said in the summer that they would buy Coric, owned by Roma.By those there are no automatic purchase options in case of uploading are by Ozornwafor, Maras and Juan Muñoz, on loan from Galatasaray, Chaves and Leganés, respectively. The Cameroonian will not continue and the Balkan signed a 2022 contract with the Portuguese before leaving on loan. For the striker Almería will try to bid again. In addition, Celta and Lugo have respective purchase options for Rosic and Peybernes, respectively. If the policy in recent times with Alfonso García was one-year contracts, at most two, with few exceptions, with the new property of Almería, it has its own footballers signed for longer to give it a certain tranquility; if with Alfonso García it was expected to achieve the permanence of turn to close some players or othersWith the new property, contract renewals or extensions are already being signed in March. Thus, if promoted to First, the rojiblancos would have up to 22 troops to choose from to form the team’s base.After the renewal of Aguza, the rojiblanca entity has thirteen personnel with a contract beyond June this year, case of Fernando (2021), Romera (2021), Enzo (2021), Balliu (2021 plus another optional), Ibiza (2022), Petrovic (2022), Yanis (2022), Appiah (2023), Darwin (2023) , Martos (2024), Jonathan (2024), Aguza (2024) and Vada (2024). Iván Martos expanded his bond with the UDA the day before yesterday for two more years. Thus, of the footballers the club owns, only De la Hoz and Corpas contract. The first will renew two more courses when he plays four games, while the second could escape. Both the board and the technical staff are happy with the work of the bañusco, who has the strength of being a free agent to negotiate a juicy contract with any club.last_img read more