How to avoid digital eye strain while spending more time on screens

first_img“In both of those cases, I found out that they were on their computers for nine hours a day, their prescriptions weren’t accurate,” said Dr. Christensen. Those are some of the symptoms of digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. “They give a little bit of a boost toward the bottom of our lens which is often where you’re looking through when you’re looking at your phone, tablet, or computer,” said Dr. Christensen. “Sometimes start to feel some uncomfortable symptoms like blurry vision, eyes get dry, burning. In severe cases you can even get headaches, dizziness, shoulder and neck pain,” said associate doctor of optometry at Roberts Eyecare Michael Christensen. “The human eye is at a position of rest looking beyond 20 feet, which is a position of no focus for the human eye for most people,” he said. (WBNG) — While we’re stuck at home, many people are finding themselves filling their time on a screen. Many devices also allow you to change your screen settings. While many offices are only taking in patients in urgent situations, if you’re experiencing any symptoms of digital eye strain, you’re encouraged to call your eye doctor. “Every 20 minutes that you’re on your computer, take 20 seconds and look off into the distance at least 20 feet away,” said Dr. Christensen. Doctor of optometry Andrew Sacco says that’s a good way to give your eyes a break.center_img Whether it’s taking online classes or working from home, playing video games, or scrolling through your phone, your electronic devices aren’t easy on the eyes. “Years ago before all of the small digital electronics, children would play video games, Atari, and not blink their eyes because they don’t want to miss the action. But people on a computer, they don’t blink either,” said Dr. Sacco. “Almost every kind of device nowadays has some kind of feature that you can implement that will cut down on the blue light that’s being emitted. It turns your screens a yellowish, amber kind of color,” said Dr. Christensen. Dr. Christensen says he’s received some calls describing that during this pandemic. You can also purchase anti-fatigue or digital lens glasses, which help filter out the blue light electronic devices emit. And as simple as it sounds, remember to blink to avoid dry eyes. But there are some easy things you can do to avoid strain. First, follow the 20-20-20 rule.last_img read more

Are you registered to vote? Pennsylvanians have one more day to register to vote

first_imgAccording to the Votes PA webpage, Pennsylvania residents may register to vote online, by mail, or at government agencies, including the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Photo License and Driver’s License Centers. (WBNG) — Monday is the last day to register to vote in Pennsylvania before the election. The state is encouraging residents to check their voter registration status on their website.  The deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot and last day of in-person early voting is Tuesday, Oct. 27. Click here for more information.last_img read more

Every Dog’s Dream Rescue holds kitten adoption event

first_imgENDICOTT (WBNG) — Every Dog’s Dream Rescue held a kitten adoption event at the Dickin Memorial Animal Hospital.   There were seven kittens available for adoption at the event but the rescue says they have about 80 easily available animals in the rescue.    Every Dog’s Dream volunteer Jessica Flynn says the rescue was limited in the type of events they could hold due to the COVID-19 guidelines.   “There’s still a need in the community,” Flynn said. “Still need to get the word out and find homes for animals. So it was very important to us to have an event, even with the limitations in place.” center_img  The Artisan Holiday Pop Up shop will be open until December 30. In collaboration with the Artisan Holdiay Pop Up shop, the adoption event was held near the retail space in front of the hospital.  last_img read more