Greed: A Musical for Our Times Begins Performances at New World Stages

first_imgWhat happens when you put Jamie Dimon, Lance Armstrong, Pope Francis and Bernie Madoff all on the same stage? No, not the worst ever cast of The View. You get Greed: A Musical for Our Times, beginning performances March 19 at New World Stages—Stage 2. The cast features Tony Award nominee Stephanie D’Abruzzo, as well as Julia Burrows, James Donegan and Neal Mayer. Greed officially opens April 3. Greed, written by Michael Roberts and directed by Christopher Scott, explores the sin we can’t seem to get away from. The show tackles everything from Ponzi schemes to the not-so-subtle sales pitches of retirement planners and mortgage bundlers. With numbers such as “A Little Juice” and “I’ll Cheat On My Taxes,” Greed takes aim at the obvious, and not so obvious, targets.center_img View Commentslast_img read more

Treasury outlines the crucial components of an OFAC compliance program

first_img continue reading » Recently the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced the publication of A Framework for OFAC Compliance Commitments. The underlying intent of the framework is to help institutions better understand and comply with sanctions requirements.According to OFAC, a successful OFAC compliance program should utilize a risk-based approach to sanctions compliance by developing, implementing and routinely updating a sanctions compliance program (SCP).  Every risk-based SCP will vary depending on an institution’s size and sophistication, products and services, customers and counterparties, and geographic location.  However, each program should incorporate at least five essential compliance components: 1) management commitment; 2) risk assessment; 3) internal controls; 4) testing and auditing; and 5) training.  The framework further breaks down the specific features to each component in creating a strong OFAC compliance program.As an example, the framework indicates that senior management’s commitment and support of the SCP is one of the most important and critical factors in determining its success.  Support is key in ensuring the SCP obtains adequate resources and is fully-integrated into an institution’s daily operations.  This helps legitimize the program, empower personnel and foster a culture of compliance. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

How to avoid digital eye strain while spending more time on screens

first_img“In both of those cases, I found out that they were on their computers for nine hours a day, their prescriptions weren’t accurate,” said Dr. Christensen. Those are some of the symptoms of digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. “They give a little bit of a boost toward the bottom of our lens which is often where you’re looking through when you’re looking at your phone, tablet, or computer,” said Dr. Christensen. “Sometimes start to feel some uncomfortable symptoms like blurry vision, eyes get dry, burning. In severe cases you can even get headaches, dizziness, shoulder and neck pain,” said associate doctor of optometry at Roberts Eyecare Michael Christensen. “The human eye is at a position of rest looking beyond 20 feet, which is a position of no focus for the human eye for most people,” he said. (WBNG) — While we’re stuck at home, many people are finding themselves filling their time on a screen. Many devices also allow you to change your screen settings. While many offices are only taking in patients in urgent situations, if you’re experiencing any symptoms of digital eye strain, you’re encouraged to call your eye doctor. “Every 20 minutes that you’re on your computer, take 20 seconds and look off into the distance at least 20 feet away,” said Dr. Christensen. Doctor of optometry Andrew Sacco says that’s a good way to give your eyes a break.center_img Whether it’s taking online classes or working from home, playing video games, or scrolling through your phone, your electronic devices aren’t easy on the eyes. “Years ago before all of the small digital electronics, children would play video games, Atari, and not blink their eyes because they don’t want to miss the action. But people on a computer, they don’t blink either,” said Dr. Sacco. “Almost every kind of device nowadays has some kind of feature that you can implement that will cut down on the blue light that’s being emitted. It turns your screens a yellowish, amber kind of color,” said Dr. Christensen. Dr. Christensen says he’s received some calls describing that during this pandemic. You can also purchase anti-fatigue or digital lens glasses, which help filter out the blue light electronic devices emit. And as simple as it sounds, remember to blink to avoid dry eyes. But there are some easy things you can do to avoid strain. First, follow the 20-20-20 rule.last_img read more

Airline alliances call for globally harmonised approach to Covid-19 | News

first_imgOlderAccor signs for three properties in Djibouti Government-imposed travel and entry restrictions continue to significantly impact global travel demand. Meanwhile, Covid-19 testing has emerged as an important part of an end-to-end solution to enable the safe restart of international travel by potentially reducing the reliance on the blunt instrument of blanket quarantines.  “We welcome the publication of the updated CART report which, among other things, calls for the serious consideration of screening and testing as a means for easing travel and border restrictions, and reviving the travel and tourism industry and the global economy,” said Star Alliance chief executive, Jeffrey Goh. – Advertisement – The three major global airline alliances have offered their full support to the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) second-phase council on aviation recovery task force (CART) report.SkyTeam, oneworld and Star Alliance urge governments to implement the report guidelines for passenger testing protocols, as well as the adoption of digital health pass technology, so air travel may safely resume. – Advertisement – “A robust protocol for testing will also provide further evidence to demonstrate that air travel is not a material cause for infections and will pave the way for a framework of trust to be established between countries.” On behalf of their 58 member airlines, representing over 60 per cent of world airline capacity and carrying over 1.87 billion passengers annually prior to the Covid-19 crisis, the three alliances are calling for a harmonised approach to testing that will form the foundation of a trust framework, as recommended by the ICAO guidelines.  SkyTeam chief executive, Kristin Colvile, said: “Testing regimes and trials of digital health passes have identified means to restoring confidence and reopening borders, complementing the layer upon layer of passenger safety measures already implemented by airlines and airports worldwide. – Advertisement – – Advertisement – “Aviation supports millions of jobs around the world and drives international commerce, trade and tourism. Urgent action is needed to adopt testing and technology to mitigate Covid-19 risks and safely and quickly revive international air travel.” The recent digital ‘health pass’ trials, such as Common Pass, are presenting a strong case for using digital technology to deliver harmonised standards in the validation and verification of accredited passenger health data.The alliances support technical solutions that provide a consistent, scalable and affordable way to declare passenger health data that is simple to implement as part of the customer journey, with processes-initiated pre-travel to reduce passenger inconvenience at airports.  oneworld chief executive, Rob Gurney, said: “With extensive travel restrictions creating much uncertainty for customers, testing can play a role in enabling the safe restart of travel. “Any solution used in declaring passenger health data should be consistent, scalable and cost effective – this will provide clarity and confidence to customers, airlines and other stakeholders as international travel resumes.” NewerCelebrity Cruises launches new inclusive pricing modellast_img read more

Lawmakers in Europe call on Israel to ditch annexation plans

first_imgAny Israeli move to annex parts of the West Bank would be “fatal” for Middle East peace hopes and must be prevented, if necessary with countermeasures, more than 1,000 lawmakers from across Europe said in a letter to European governments.The June 23 letter, signed by 1,080 lawmakers from 25 countries and made public on Wednesday, raises parliamentary concerns about US President Donald Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. The signatories said annexation would break international law.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has set July 1 as the date for the start of cabinet discussions on moving forward on annexation, in line with Trump’s plan that envisages Israeli sovereignty over 30% of the West Bank and Palestinian statehood under strict conditions. “Such a move [annexation] will be fatal to the prospects of Israeli-Palestinian peace and will challenge the most basic norms guiding international relations,” the letter said.”Acquisition of territory by force has no place in 2020,” said the lawmakers, who included members of parliament from Hungary and the Czech Republic, two countries sympathetic to Israel and to Trump’s Jan. 28 peace plan.The plan offers US recognition of Israel’s settlements dotted across the West Bank, and Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley — land captured in the 1967 Middle East war and claimed by Palestinians for a future state.Israeli-Palestinian peace talks collapsed in 2014 and the Palestinians see annexations as an illegal land grab. The United Nations Security Council has said settlements violate international law. Israel disputes this, citing biblical, historical and political connections to the land.The European lawmakers called for “commensurate consequences” if Israel, which has more than 400,000 settlers in the West Bank, went ahead with annexation — a reference to possible economic, trade or other sanctions.”Failure to adequately respond would encourage other states with territorial claims,” the letter said.Netanyahu has dismissed criticism of the annexation plans. He says that extending Israeli sovereignty to Jewish settlements in the West Bank will bring peace closer once critics of the move recognize that hundreds of thousands of settlers in the area will remain under any future deal.Internal documents and Reuters interviews with more than two dozen diplomats and officials showed there is no clear EU strategy on how to stop Israel’s plan or how to respond in a meaningful way if annexation goes ahead.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Governor Tom Wolf Rescinds 46 Executive Orders

first_img2008-04Pennsylvania All-Hazard Incident Management (PA-IMT3)5/13/2008The commission established by the EO is non-operational. 1997-01Governor’s Travel and Tourism Council3/17/1997No longer in existence, superseded by statutorily mandated PA Travel and Tourism Partnership and DCED’s Tourism Office 1990-01Municipal Waste Transportation Enforcement Program3/14/1990No longer necessary due to the passage of the Waste Transportation Safety Act of 2002 (Act 90). 1995-02 As AmendedDrug Policy Planning Coordination12/19/1997Gave PCCD duties relating to the coordination of commonwealth drug policy. The duties were superseded by the creation of DDAP. 1994-05Nursing Home Loan Agency’s Authorization to Sell Loans11/4/1994The work required in this EO was completed many years ago. 1996-07Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education12/20/1996Center closed in 2011 as a result of the elimination of all state funding. All resources were transferred to the PA Association of Environmental Educators 1979-10Commonwealth Child Development Committee7/25/1979This committee no longer exists. 1991-05Environmental Training Partnership4/22/1991Training is managed through a DCED contract with PSATS with DEP oversight. Efficiency,  Government Reform,  Government That Works,  Press Release,  Results Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today announced that he will rescind 46 outdated and unnecessary executive orders by previous administrations – some dating back 30 years – to continue his efforts to clean-up state government. Outdated orders include those from seven previous Governors starting with Gov. Milton Shapp.“My administration is prioritizing cleaning up state government and eliminating waste, outdated policies and duplicative bureaucracy,”  Governor Tom Wolf said. “Taking this step to streamline government and remove unnecessary directives allows for the executive branch to continue to lead by example in state government, as we have on ethics, government reform and curbing special interest influence.”Removing three decades of outdated executive orders that are no longer relevant or have been superseded by legislation or other executive actions is part of Governor Wolf’s priority to modernize state government. Over the past two years, Governor Wolf’s GO-TIME initiative has saved $156 million, spurred innovation and launched new and revamped programs to improve customer service in state government.Many of the executive actions being rescinded include boards, task forces, programs and commissions that no longer exist, including a Sustainable Water Infrastructure task force that never reconvened and a Public Safety Communications Council that was never actually established. In the case of Executive Order 1996-07, the Pennsylvania Center for Environmental Education was defunded and closed in 2011, but the executive order remained in place.Many other orders created policies that have either been codified in statute, superseded by new legislation or are no longer necessary. A full list of the outdated executive orders are below. 2011-07Pennsylvania Dairy Leadership Council9/28/2011This EO will be rescinded because it is no longer in effect. 2000-02Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board2/14/2000EO superseded by the current state Workforce Development Board, whose functions and membership are mandated by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). 1981-06Pennsylvania Department of Health Advisory Board of Arthritis5/22/1981Any arthritis work within DOH is funded and guided by the CDC. 2006-11Governor’s Dog Law Advice Group12/22/2006This EO, and the 8-person Board created by it, are no longer necessary, since there is now a 25-member Dog Law Advisory Board 1986-05Standby Allocations of the Volume Cap Under the Tax Reform Act of 198610/2/1986EO now superseded by 2007 state statute 73 P.S. 400.2701 et seq. 1987-011986 Allocations of the Unified Volume Cap Under the Tax Reform Act of 19861/7/1987EO now superseded by 2007 state statute 73 P.S. 400.2701 et seq. 2003-12Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Families9/18/2003This group no longer meets. 2008-02 As AmendedSustainable Water Infrastructure Task Force4/28/2008The Task Force completed its work on November 1, 2008, when it submitted its final report. 1977-04Compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 19738/3/1977This is no longer an ongoing program. 1989-08Municipal Waste Reduction and Planning Program10/17/1989This EO was issued prior to development of Municipal and Residual regulations. 2007-05Chronic Care Management, Reimbursement and Cost Reduction Commission5/21/2007Commission was transferred from Governor’s Office to DOH, which has replaced it with the Health Innovation deputate. 2004-03 and 2004-03 Revision No. 1Pennsylvania Business Tax Reform Commission3/4/2004Commission no longer in existence. 1987-08Pennsylvania Emergency Response Commission4/20/1987The content of the EO was either codified or superseded by statute, specifically, Act 165 of 1990. 1978-19Access by Handicapped Individuals to Meeting Locations12/19/1978EO supplanted by Management Directory 205.26 in 1992, implementing the ADA. Section 5 e. addresses the requirement to select accessible sites for agency programs and activities. 1994-04Governor’s Committee on Education Standards and Assessment5/18/1994The EO set a 1994 due date for a report. The standards and assessments recommended in the report were implemented. 1980-04Golden Keystone Discount Card Program2/27/1980This program no longer exists. 2002-08Governor’s Interagency Task Force on Energy7/18/2002Task force no longer exists. 1995-06Governor’s Community Partnership for Safe Children9/14/1995The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention has since been created within PCCD to carry out these functions.center_img 1995-07Governor’s Executive Council on Recycling Development and Waste Reduction10/11/1995This EO was issued prior to development of Municipal and Residual Regulations. 1981-13Governor’s Committee on Employment of the Handicapped10/19/1981EO goals now covered by EO 2016-03 and existing statutes. 1987-12Cultural Advisor to the Governor5/27/1987Position no longer exists. 2004-07Financial Education and Literacy4/29/2004Office no longer utilized and subsequent programs have replaced. 1980-05Task Force on Employment Services to Displaced Homemakers2/28/1980Efforts now encompassed by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). 1996-05Municipal Waste Facilities Review Program8/29/1996This EO directed DEP and PennDOT to review and revise existing waste transportation and management policies. This work has been completed. 1995-08Governor’s Advisory Commission on Public School Finance10/11/1995The Advisory Commission completed its work in May 1996, when it submitted the report required in the EO. December 06, 2016 1987-19Delegation to Department of Environmental Resources Compliance with Federal Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments Act12/21/1987The Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Act supersedes and encompasses the goals of this EO. 2006-07Governor’s Pandemic Advisory Council7/27/2006Advisory Council is no longer active. 1996-06Governor’s Advisory Commission on Academic Standards9/30/1996The Commonwealth has adopted the standards required by this EO. Governor Tom Wolf Rescinds 46 Executive Orders 1990-04UNITED STATES BRIG NIAGARA – Flagship of Pennsylvania8/17/1990Content of the EOhas been codified in Section 705 of the History Code. 1994-02Governor’s Office of PennPORTS3/29/1994PennDOT’s multimodal deputate now maintains jurisdiction and all duties pertaining to the ports. 2004-11Pennsylvania Election Reform Task Force12/13/2004The Task Force completed its work on May 12, 2005, when it submitted its final report. 2002-02 As AmendedGovernor’s Task Force on Early Childhood Care and Education7/15/2002EO Codified at 4 Pa. Code Sec. 6.61 – 6.69 1980-07Small Business Service Center2/29/1980This program no longer exists. DCED now has Small Business Champions. Issuance NumberNameIssuance DateExplanation for Rescinding 2011-08Interagency Coordination Advisory Group for Economic Development10/6/2011Advisory Group no longer meets. 1995-10Governor’s Sports and Exposition Facilities Task Force10/27/1995Four professional sports stadiums were built in the late 1990s as a result of this EO. No further action is required. 1981-04Federal Program Coordination2/9/1981EO is unnecessary for the Office of Budget to perform its duties. SHARE Email Facebook Twitter 2014-06Interoperable Public Safety and Emergency Communications Governance12/2/2014This council was never established and there is a governance board for FirstNet, which functions well without the guidance from this EO. Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: 1996-02Implementation of the IMPACCT Commission Recommendations4/19/1996Replaced with the Governor’s cost savings measures.last_img read more

Brisbane continues to chalk up multi-million dollar property deals

first_img53 Macquarie St TeneriffeThe home was marketed through Christine Rudolph of Ray White New Farm.Ms Rudolph said it had achieved a sale price of a $1 million more than a neighbouring property in the same development which sold less than 12 months ago.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this homeless than 1 hour agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor7 hours ago53 Macquarie St, Teneriffe.She said often a property of that nature would take between six and nine months to sell but this result had been achieved within a few weeks.The four-bedroom home in the Catalina development is one of the largest river homes within the precinct. It was designed by Fairweather Proberts Architects. CoreLogic revealed other big sales included a unit at 511/1 Newstead Tce, Newstead which sold for $2,320,000 through Freedom Property — Australia. The Pier building at Newstead. Picture: three-bedroom riverfront apartment in the Pier building has floor to ceiling glass and a designer kitchen.A house at 34 Gordon St, Hawthorne sold for $2,225,000 through Ray White East BrisbaneIt was on a 442sq m block of direct riverfront land with city views. 34 Gordon St, Hawthorne. Picture: property came with a development approval for demolition to allow the new owners to remove it and build a new property.A vacant block of land at 534 Gowan Rd, Stretton also achieved a solid resulting selling for $2,180,000 through Elders Springwood.The 4047sq m parcel sold under the hammer. 53 Macquarie St, Teneriffe which achieved $1 million more than a neighbouring property sale.BRISBANE’S high end market is continuing to fire with several multi-million dollar deals signed off in just a few days.While the final sale price has not been revealed yet, one of the biggest transactions chalked up in the past week was the sale of a riverfront property at 53 Macquarie St, Teneriffe. Owner Stephen Sullivan confirmed they had accepted an offer on the property although it hadn’t settled yet. 511/1 Newstead Tce, Newstead. Picture: read more

Owners laugh all the way to the bank after heritage home bought for $120K sells for $3m plus

first_imgThe pool at the home at 56 Victoria Ave, Chelmer.Owner Kathy O’Connell told The Courier-Mail the home was on one of the few large blocks of land left in Chelmer, as many of the tennis courts in the suburb had been sold off and developed. MONEY PIT MANSION FOR SALE The kitchen in the home at 56 Victoria Ave, Chelmer. This property at 56 Victoria Ave, Chelmer, has sold for $3.3m.The property was marketed by Jason Adcock of Adcock Prestige. Records show it sold for $120,000 in August 1990.Chelmer, which is 7km west of Brisbane’s CBD, has a median house price of $1.05 million and is a high demand suburb with quality public and private schools including St Aidan’s, St Peters, Brisbane Boys’ College and Graceville State School. This turn-of-the-century Queenslander at 56 Victoria Ave, Chelmer, has sold. Inside the home at 33 Chilton St, Sunnybank Hills, which has sold.The five-bedroom, three-bathroom house on 3814 sqm of land sold for $2.828 million through M8 Realty.But the real drawcard was the fact the site comes with the opportunity to build 17 townhouses or seven house and land lots. The sitting room in the home at 56 Victoria Ave, Chelmer.The second biggest sale of the week in Queensland, according to CoreLogic, was a property at 33 Chilton St, Sunnybank Hills. Rod and Kathy O’Connell have sold their home in Chelmer. Image: AAP/Claudia Baxter.A MAJESTIC turn-of-the-century Queenslander bought for just $120,000 more than a quarter of a century ago has sold for $3.3 million. The five-bedroom home known as ‘Arcadia’ at 56 Victoria Ave, Chelmer sold for the first time in 27 years, in what was the biggest sale of the past week in the state according to CoreLogic. GET THE LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX HERE Part of the wraparound veranda at the home at 56 Victoria Ave, Chelmer.The renovated, circa 1905 house with 14ft ceilings, decorative timber fretwork and an ornate fireplace sits on a massive 2704 sqm block with a swimming pool and tennis court.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus21 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market21 hours ago BRISBANE’S NEW AUCTION HOT SPOTS The house on the property at 33 Chilton St, Sunnybank Hills.last_img read more

The hottest Brisbane suburbs for buyers

first_imgFOR SALE 47 KURRAJONG CIRCUIT NORTH LAKESMr Power said there was no sign of a slow down, with new homes still being built in North Lakes, and estates continuing to be developed in the nearby suburbs.He said new and existing infrastructure were huge drawcards for families, upsizers and downsizers, and the over 50s.“We see people moving within North Lakes, some are on their fourth house,” he said. “Once they are here, they don’t want to leave.“And we are seeing a lot of inquiry from people just outside of North Lakes, other parts of Brisbane, and interstate, particularly from NSW and Victoria.”North Lakes has become a ‘destination suburb’, with visitors drawn to North Lakes for its retail and amenities. Earlier this year. Stockland regional manager described North Lakes as “one of the state’s greatest success stories, growing from a small community to a premium destination”.It is home to its own Westfield shopping centre, Myer, Ikea and Costco.And it will soon be home to another major attraction — Laguna, a lifestyle precinct that will include a public swimming lagoon, 2000sq m of health and wellness facilities, a 1500sq m resort-style bar and restaurant, a retail precinct, a 140-room hotel, and office space.Laguna is being developed by joint venturers Pointcorp and The George Group, with construction due to start next year. The latest CoreLogic data shows that 468 properties sold in North Lakes in the 12 months to September, with the median house sales price coming in at $487,500.A search of found 28 houses on the market in North Lakes between $450,000 and $500,000.The cheapest house was listed for offers over $367,000, with the most expensive house listed on the market for offers over $1.65 million. “I am not surprised (by the numbers) … we are flat out, and booked 16 sales (as of December 20) this month alone,” he said.“Our office has 2168 active buyers looking for a property just in North Lakes alone.” FOR SALE: 16 KENNEDY CT NORTH LAKES Westfield North Lakes A SUBURB that was only declared 12 years ago was the most searched suburb for properties in Brisbane in 2018.North Lakes, which was part of Mango Hill until 2006, was the top suburb searched by househunters in the Brisbane Greater Region between January 1 and November 18, according to total of 175,341 searches for properties at North Lakes were recorded during that time, with Redcliffe coming in a close second at 175,188.North Lakes, which continues to be developed by Stockland, was also one of the state’s top selling suburbs, taking out ninth spot with 455 sales.Coronis North Lakes agent Michael Power is currently marketing 47 Kurrajong Circuit, a four-bedroom house on the market for offers over $768,000. Laguna North Lakes Ray White North Lakes principal Darren Suhle is currently marketing the most expensive house in North Lakes, an “architectural masterpiece” at 16 Kennedy Court on a 832 sqm block. He said the whole area, not just North Lakes, was thriving, with lost of inquiries from people looking to move in to the area since the train line opened. SUBURB/SEARCHES(January to November 2018)1. NORTH LAKES – 175,3412. REDCLIFFE – 175,1883. NEW FARM – 174,8454. COORPAROO – 171,2315. THE GAP – 158,4496. CARINDALE – 154,4527. INDOOROOPILLY154,0598. WEST END142,1899. FOREST LAKE136,32010. CLEVELAND134,59111. NARANGBA132,87412. PADDINGTON129,60813. ASHGROVE129,09314. WYNNUM126,77415. CABOOLTURE121,94016. SPRINGFIELD LAKES121,16417. TOOWONG114,50618. IPSWICH113,19219. CAMP HILL107,25020. ALBANY CREEK107,247Source: 16 Kennedy St at North Lakes is on the market for offers over $1.65 millionMore from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus15 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market15 hours agoBut the nearby suburbs of Redcliffe (2nd) and Narangba (11th) have also attracted huge interest from buyers this year, with new and planned infrastructure in the Moreton Bay region, one of the fastest growing areas in the country, a big plus.In 2016, the Redcliffe Peninsula train line opened, with stops at Petrie, Kallangur, Murrumba Downs, Mango Hill, Kinsellas Rd, Rothwell and Kippa-Ring, and running in to the city.New residential developments are springing up, including Amity (Pointcorp) at Narangba, Promenade (Stockland) at Rothwell and Newport (Stockland) at Redcliffe, to name a few.Elsewhere in Brisbane, the prestige suburb of New Farm continues to rank highly in searches, taking out third spot with 174,845 hits.Coorparoo (171,231) and The Gap (158,449) rounded out the top 5.Nationally, Surfers Paradise was the seventh most searched Australian suburb (267,709), while Buderim was in 19th spot with 229,412 hits, according to*** TOP 20 MOST SEARCHED SUBURBS IN BRISBANE (GREATER REGION) IN 2018 last_img read more

Call for global crackdown on fake medicines

first_img 16 Views   no discussions Share HealthLifestyle Call for global crackdown on fake medicines by: – November 14, 2012 Sharing is caring! Tweetcenter_img Share Share Counterfeit drugs may contain harmful ingredients or no active ingredient at allA global treaty to crack down on the deadly trade of fake medicines is urgently needed, say experts.Currently, there are more sanctions around the use of illegal tobacco than counterfeit drugs. Writing in the British Medical Journal, experts urge the World Health Organization to set up a framework akin to its one tobacco control to safeguard the public. WHO says more than one in every 10 drug products in poorer nations are fake.A third of malaria drugs are counterfeit, research suggests. In richer countries, medicine safety is better, but substandard and falsified drugs still cause thousands of adverse reactions and some deaths. Recently, in the US, contaminated drug supplies caused an outbreak of meningitis that has so far killed 16 people.Global problemAmir Attaran and colleagues from the World Federation of Public Health Associations, International Pharmaceutical Federation and the International Council of Nurses, say while governments and drug companies alike deplore unsafe medicines, it is difficult to achieve agreement on action because discussions too often trespass into conflict-prone areas such as pharmaceutical pricing or intellectual property rights.Although some countries prohibit fake medicines under national law, there is no global treaty which means organised criminals can continue to trade using haven countries where laws are lax or absent. WHO estimates nearly a third of countries have little or no medicine regulation.In other contexts, global treaties have helped governments strengthen their laws and cooperate internationally to clamp down on havens – for example, on money laundering. Similarly, a new protocol under the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control requires tobacco products to be tracked and criminalises illicit trade globally – “oddly making the law tougher on cigarette falsification than on medicine falsification”, says Amir Attaran. “The protocol will now make it a requirement to track and trace tobacco products. Cigarette packets can carry serial numbers so it is possible to track them from beginning to end.“If this is something you can do for a $5 cigarette packet I do not see why we can’t do it for a $3,000 packet of drugs that could save your life.“In Canada we have seen a fake version of the heart drug Avastin come into the country that contains no active drug, just starch and nail polish remover. “When you are dealing with a medicine like that if there was a serial number on it you would be able to easily see if it was fake.”WHO says it provides direct country and regional support for strengthening medicines regulation.And it is up to its 194 member states to decide if a treaty is the way forward. In 2011, a directive to protect patients from fake medicines was approved by the European Parliament.By Michelle RobertsHealth editor, BBC News onlinelast_img read more