Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund Announces New Deputy Director

first_imgMontpelier – The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund ( is external)) announced today that Janice St. Onge has been named its new Deputy Director. Ms. St. Onge replaces Ed Delhagen who served as the organization’s Deputy Director for 7 years and who recently joined the staff of the Asia Foundation to work on a special project in Mongolia. Ms. St. Onge will begin her duties on Monday, March 19.”We are very pleased that Janice will be joining our team at the Sustainable Jobs Fund. She has strong and deep networks statewide, within the economic development community, within the investor community, and within the UVM community,” said Ellen Kahler, Executive Director of the Fund.Established in 1995 by the Vermont Legislature, the Sustainable Jobs Fund promotes natural resource based market development and job creation and provides technical assistance to growing companies. Their current funding and programmatic foci are in the biofuels, sustainable forestry, and sustainable agriculture sectors.Janice St. Onge will leave the Vermont Business Center (VBC) at the University of Vermont where she has been the Director since its launch in 2004. Over her three year tenure, she was responsible for business outreach, and the sales, development and delivery of the VBC’s management development and customer training programs for Vermonts leaders and decision makers.”I’m really looking forward to being part of the VSJF team and helping Vermont businesses grow in a globally competitive marketplace,” said St. Onge. “I understand the challenges businesses face in bringing new products to market, and have an in-depth knowledge of the resources available to businesses here in the State. The VSJF’s approach to increasing demand and supply for sustainable products that help solve complex problems such as climate change and peak oil is very appealing to me. The VSJF’s work is not only helping Vermont innovators take a leadership role in natural resource based market development, but is helping innovators grow quality jobs in Vermont that are sustainable and build on Vermont’s entrepreneurial heritage. I can’t wait to get out of the gate running!”Prior to joining the University, Janice served as Technology Business Development Director for the Vermont Department of Economic Development. She was responsible for helping to create and manage Vermont’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Outreach Program. In October 2001, Janice was a recipient of the National Tibbetts Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration. This award was given in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the promotion of the SBIR program and technology business development in Vermont. In 2002, Janice received the Outstanding State Employee award from Vermont Governor James Douglas.Prior to her work at the State of Vermont, Janice was the Director of Human Resources and Senior Manager of Customer Service for Kea Technologies, an e-commerce fulfillment business in Williston, where she directed human resource strategic planning and policies, employee relations, performance management, employment law issues and company-wide recruiting efforts.In addition to other senior level roles at Kea, Ms. St. Onge has nine (9) years experience in the financial services industry, in retail management, commercial real estate lending and organizational development. As a Business Partner within the Organizational Development Department of Peoples Bank, an $8.0 billion publicly held financial institution, Janice integrated human resource and business planning for the retail and finance divisions of the Bank.Janice served as the Co-chair for the Advisory Council of the Vermont Tech Enterprise Center at Vermont Technical College in Randolph and is a Board of Trustee member for the Killington Mountain School, a fully accredited State of Vermont independent school and ski academy. She is also a board member of the Vermont Investors Forum and is on the client selection committee for the Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, a technology incubator initiative affiliated with the University of Vermont.Janice graduated in 1986 from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and minor in French. She is a graduate of the 2004 Vermont Leadership Institute program, a Snelling Center for Government initiative promoting citizen enthusiasm for and participation in public service.An avid skier, Janice is an FIS Freestyle Skiing Judge and was the first woman in the United States to be licensed to judge Olympic and World Cup level Freestyle Skiing events. Janice resides in Stowe, Vermont with her husband Lee, children Mackenzie and Austin, and border collie Nikki.last_img read more

8 Long Island Food Festivals Not to Miss

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The end of June may mark the end of Long Island’s classic strawberry festivals, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty more local food-filled fairs that guarantee upcoming weekends of fun, games and deliciousness. Mark the calendar, here’s eight classic LI food fests for each month through October.Sweet Corn FestivalFor those who simply can’t get enough of Long Island’s fabulous corn, there’s the 25th annual Sweet Corn Festival at Harbes Family Farm and Vineyard in Mattituck, which will be a jam-packed weekend July 13-14. Run for the past 13 generations by the Harbes family, it includes all the corn-fest classics such as various corn-based foods, corn-eating contests, crafts and games for kids, as well as some unique attractions such as “What’s all the buzz about bees?” bee education. The Harbes’ also offer wine tasting, live music, and working border collie demonstrations for a weekend of corn-filled family fun.Long Island Animal Rights and VegFestThe Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Huntington kicks off a day of healthy vegan fun at the Long Island Animal Rights and VegFest on Saturday, July 13. Bring animal companions on “non-retractable leashes only” to the vegan picnic to see musical performances and educational lectures. In addition to speakers like vegan Victoria Moran and animal rights activist Jenny Brown, the fellowship will be holding an art show and auction. Bring reusable water bottles and organic snacks for an enjoyable and educational afternoon.Watermelon FestivalThe the Harbes Family Farm in Mattituck and the Harbes Western Farm in Jamesport will be hosting the Long Island Watermelon Festival the weekend of August 10-11. Both locations will host watermelon-eating contests, seed-spitting contests and other family friendly games such as corn mazes and hayrides. Cool down in the hot summer sun with some fresh watermelon juice while enjoying a picnic in the beautiful fields, or listen to live musical performances by local bands.Greenlawn/Centerport Pickle FestivalThe Greenlawn-Centerport Historical Association is sponsoring the 34th annual Pickle festival this September. This tradition was started in honor of Alexander Gardiner, the “pickle pioneer,” who produced enough pickles in on his farm in Greenland to supply all of New York City. Now, almost two centuries later, pickle lovers from all around the island flock to that very same farm for a taste of those famous pickled cucumbers. The festival sells not only a wide variety of pickles, but all sorts of pickle paraphernalia, from t-shirts and pickle ornaments, to pickle flavored popcorn.Long Island Wine Harvest FestivalThe Laurel Lake Vineyards will hold their annual wine harvest festival in what has become known as the “jewel of Long Island” on Sept. 22. This North Fork vineyard was founded by a group of Chilean and American friends who not only provide tours of the facility, but also offer demonstrations of the winemaking process. At this festival, attendees can clip vines, pick their own grapes or create their own bottle of wine, all before enjoying a wine-and-cheese tasting on the beautiful balcony overlooking the breathtaking scenery.Long Island Apple FestivalThe Sherwood Jayne Farm in East Setauket will once again host their Apple Festival for a day full of apple picking, cider, pies and cakes, and old fashioned games and crafts for people of all ages this fall. Bring the whole family for the apple pie baking contest and the apple relay race, or relax at a picnic table and watch the pony rides and face painting. Suffolk County PumpkinfestCornell Cooperative Extension sponsors a Pumpkinfest every September at the Suffolk County Farm in Yaphank, where families can come pick and paint their own pumpkins, play in the corn maze, go on wagon and pony rides, and enjoy other children’s crafts and activities. Other events include farm trivia games, a parent calling contest and cow chip bingo. Not only is this fair fun for family and friends, but the funds also go to benefit educational programs at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Suffolk County.Oyster FestivalThis October marks the 30th anniversary of the Oyster Bay Oyster Fest. Starting with the annual parade honoring Teddy Roosevelt, this festival has evolved into the largest outdoor festival on Long Island. Each year the Oyster Bay streets are filled with live entertainment, artisan booths, gigantic ships docked in the bay and of course, the famous local oysters cooked every which way imaginable. Or raw, as usual.last_img read more

How ’bout Dem Debates? Hillary & Bernie Dominate the Discourse as the Other Three Are Left Behind

first_imgView image | Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York As the Mets were striking out in Queens Tuesday night, the five top Democrats running for president were hitting all the issues in Las Vegas.The clear winner, when the game, or rather the debate was over, had to be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Even Donald Trump thought so, judging by his tweet: “In all fairness, like her or not, she did her job.”  In other words, he probably wouldn’t have fired her. The Washington Post pundit Dana Milbank observed that though she may have been notably shorter than her rivals, “she towered over them.”Clinton had center stage at the ballroom at the Wynn hotel, owned by billionaire Steve Wynn. To her left stood ex-Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and ex-Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee. On her right were Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, who served in the Reagan administration as secretary of the Navy. In all, the senators had a 3-to-2 advantage over the governors, considering that New Yorkers elected Clinton to the Senate after she’d been First Lady.Speaking of the White House, the apparent loser would have to be Vice President Joe Biden, whose podium was ready back stage in case he decided at the last minute to fly to Vegas. Biden’s undiminished popularity, especially after he had to endure the recent tragic death of his son Beau, has led a crew of Democrats with deep pockets to fund a Draft Biden super-PAC, who have pointed to the steadily diminishing popularity of Clinton, the frontrunner.But the dynamics of the Democratic nomination may have shifted so much from the Tuesday night debate that Biden may have lost the opportunity to make a difference in the race, assuming he would even want to run, and his statements on that have been more enigmatic than pronouncements from the oracle at Delphi. By most accounts, his support would come at the expense of Clinton, raising the chances that the “Democratic Socialist” from Vermont would get the nomination. Whether Sanders could win the general election is the billion-dollar question.Clinton seemed to relish the spotlight, and nothing the men said knocked her off stride. Her supporters, no doubt reeling from the bad press spilling out this summer about the way the former Secretary of State had mishandled her private email server, could let out a huge sigh of relief. Congressional Republicans have spent more than $4 million on their Benghazi committee that was first investigating the death of the American ambassador in Libya and shifted its focus to Clinton’s private emails. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy let the cat out of the bag when he admitted that the purpose of the ongoing investigation has been to knock down her poll numbers and raise the public’s doubts about her trustworthiness. On the campaign trail she’s mishandled her explanations; even her apology sounded false. At the Wynn hotel, she came off more polished in her response.But she got an unexpected lift from Sanders at the expense of Anderson Cooper, whose role as media attack dog hit a snag when her Vermont rival refused to take the bait.“Let me say something that may not be great politics, but I think the secretary is right—and that is that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails,” Sanders said. The audience cheered wildly. Clinton reached out and shook his hand. “Thank you!” she said, adding, “Me, too! Me, too!” Sanders’ comment resonated so widely because he not only hit the nail on the head, but he also pinpointed something else the American people are sick and tired of hearing: rabid politicians who substitute venom for intelligent discourse.Cooper had torn into Sanders, too, describing a hypothetical Republican attack ad against him in lurid terms: Saying he’d supported the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and gone honeymooning in the Soviet Union. As some of us recall, the Sandinistas were very popular among the American left before they came to power in Managua and for a few years afterwards until they were voted out. Sanders and his second wife had indeed gone to Yaroslavl, the sister city of Burlington, because he was mayor at the time.To Sanders’ credit he gave a credible defense of what he means when he calls himself a Democratic socialist as opposed to being a capitalist: “Do I consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little, by which Wall Street’s greed and recklessness wrecked this economy? No, I don’t.” And in response to a statement from Clinton about how she’d crack down on Wall Street wrongdoers, he retorted, “Congress does not regulate Wall Street. Wall Street regulates Congress.”Sanders and Clinton did differ on gun control, and she criticized the senator for opposing legislation imposing penalties on gun manufacturers—a position favored by the National Rifle Association—that she supported when she was also on Capitol Hill. In their televised clash over the issue Tuesday night, she came out on top. When Sanders mentioned how a democratic socialist government like Denmark provided better public services to their citizens than Americans get, she rebutted him without getting personal: “We are not Denmark—I love Denmark—we are the United States.” And she went to praise our economic system for creating “the greatest middle class in the history of the world.” She agreed with him that “it’s our job to rein in the excesses of capitalism so that it doesn’t run amok and doesn’t cause the kind of inequities we’re seeing in our economic system.” In a battle of soundbites, saving the middle class probably trumps defending Denmark when it comes to connecting with general election voters.But here is where Sanders did succeed in front of a national audience. By putting the other four candidates in the position of trying – and failing – to defend capitalism in opposition to the broad moral value of Sanders’ socialist vision, he changed the discourse that has shaped progressive politics for decades. He is taking back the word “socialist,” a label that has been so poisonous that the Republicans relied almost solely on its power to slander President Obama (falsely) and sabotage both of his presidential campaigns (unsuccessfully). By defining it in public, Sanders took back ownership of the word and can now harness its power for the good of the left. Now if he could only set his sights on the word “liberal.”As for the other three guys on stage, Andy Borowitz, the best-selling humor author and New Yorker contributor, had a good line, saying that by a wide margin polls showed that viewers wanted these men removed from the debate.Martin O’Malley got points for being the handsomest guy on stage, but his record as Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor was not so hot. His current criticism of Clinton rang hollow when she thanked him warmly for supporting her in the 2008 primary race.Lincoln Chafee did himself no favors when he fumbled his attempts to sound more ethical than Clinton and admitted that he had no clue what he was doing when he cast his first vote as senator to repeal the Depression-era Glass-Steagall act in 1999. He told Cooper, who pressed the point, that the moderator was “being a little rough.”Given his stiff demeanor at his podium, Jim Webb looked like he was waiting for someone offstage to yell, “At ease!” He didn’t help his cause by whining over how little attention he was getting compared to Sanders and Clinton. On the other hand, when he answered Cooper’s sophomoric question about whom they’d be proud to put on their enemies list, he showed his military mettle without any pussy-footing around: “I’d have to say the enemy soldier that threw the grenade that wounded me, but he’s not around right now to talk to.”When it came to substance, all the candidates on stage had something meaningful to say, but what Sanders and Clinton said carried the most weight, in part because they represent the best the Democratic Party has to offer, at least right now.In one telling exchange they all differed over Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower now holding up in Moscow, whose story was the subject of Laura Poitras’s Oscar-winning documentary “Citizenfour.” Cooper asked if Snowden should be allowed to return to the U.S. or be regarded as a traitor for giving highly classified documents to the media. Clinton said Snowden stole documents that had fallen into the wrong hands. That claim is unfounded. Snowden has said that he destroyed his files before leaving Hong Kong, where he was filmed for the documentary. Also, O’Malley claimed Snowden “ran to Russia.” Snowden became stuck there after the U.S. revoked his passport while he was en route to a third country. Sanders notably said that Snowden had “played a very important role in educating the American people.” Interestingly, only Chafee said he regarded Snowden as “a hero.” The other four wanted him to come home and face “the music,” as Clinton put it.At least with this group, there was no denying of science–the words “climate change” were actually uttered aloud–and they debated how best to help end economic inequality and promote prosperity without cutting Social Security or gutting Medicare, or giving the rich more tax breaks, something that would be unheard of from the dozen or so contenders on the other side.With Rashed Mianlast_img read more

How often should you email your credit union members?

first_img continue reading » One of the most common questions from credit union marketing teams is about how often they should email their members. How often can they email their members?It’s a scary proposition, spamming your membership. You don’t want to annoy people or make them angry.On the other hand, you don’t want to be forgotten…Not All Email Is Created EqualThink about it this way: you should email people too often if they’re not interested in what you have to say. But if they are interested? ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Data breach jeopardizes more than 15 million Tokopedia users, report finds

first_imgHomegrown e-commerce unicorn Tokopedia has had its internal database breached by an as-yet unidentified party, resulting in a massive data leak that has affected millions of its users, according to a recent report by cybersecurity research collective Under the Breach.The group wrote on its official Twitter page @underthebreach that the hack occurred in March and affected personal information belonging to more than 15 million users.The full database – which reportedly includes 91 million records consisting of email addresses, password hashes (an encrypted form of users’ passwords) and names of Tokopedia users – has now been put up for sale on the dark web for US$5,000 by a member of data-exchange platform Raid Forums, the group said.Actor leaked the database of Tokopedia – a large Indonesian technology company specializing in e-commerce.(@tokopedia)- Hack occurred in March 2020 and affects 15,000,000 users though the hacker said there are many more.- Database contains emails, password hashes, names— Under the Breach 🦠 (@underthebreach) May 2, 2020 Tokopedia spokesperson Nuraini Razak confirmed that a breach had taken place but claimed the company had ensured the security of its users’ personal data. “We have detected an attempt to steal data belonging to Tokopedia users. However, we have made sure that our users’ personal information, such as passwords, remain protected,” Nuraini said in a statement on Saturday.Nevertheless, she urged Tokopedia users to change their passwords to prevent data thieves from misusing their accounts despite the platform’s encryption measures.“Although passwords and other crucial user data remain encrypted, we still encourage Tokopedia users to change their passwords periodically to ensure their safety and security,” Nuraini said.Data related to payment methods stored on Tokopedia, such as credit cards, debit cards and e-wallet information, was not affected by the breach, she said, adding that the company was investigating the breach.Topics :last_img read more

Indonesia ‘very concerned’, condemns Israel’s West Bank plan

first_img“I reiterated that Indonesia’s position remains unchanged on the Palestine issue. I hoped for US leadership in preventing Israel’s plan to further annex the West Bank from,” Retno said. “Indonesia is very concerned about Israel’s plan to annex Palestinian territory in the West Bank,” the minister said during a virtual press briefing on Thursday.Read also: Indonesia criticizes Israel’s reluctance to open up about PalestineShe added that she had also mentioned the issue to United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a phone call on Wednesday morning. She went on to say that the annexation would not only threaten peace and stability in the region but also undermine all efforts to reach a political solution on the Palestinian issue based on the two-state solution, where two sovereign and democratic states of Israel and Palestine could live in peaceful coexistence.“I call on the international community to work together to uphold our commitment, international parameters and consensus again to find a long-lasting solution on the future state of Palestine.”Read also: Indonesia demands global commitment on Palestine at UN meetingIn January, US President Donald Trump released his long-delayed Israeli-Palestinian peace plan in a joint announcement with Netanyahu. The proposed plan lays out a vision for establishing an independent Palestinian state while also formalizing Israeli sovereignty over settlements built in occupied territory, AFP reports.The plan covers strict conditions, including a requirement for the future Palestinian state be demilitarized.However, Palestinians were not involved in drafting the plan.As a staunch supporter of the Palestinian struggle for statehood, Indonesia has consistently backed the cause in many international forums, including the UN Security Council, where Indonesia is currently in its last year of non-permanent membership. (kuk/dis) Indonesia has again launched calls to support the plight of the Palestinian people after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Monday to further annex parts of the West Bank.Netanyahu said Israel would place Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley in the West Bank under Israeli sovereignty, Reuters reported, setting July 1 as a starting date for Cabinet discussions on the issue.The plan has alarmed supporters of the state of Palestine, including Indonesia. Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi said on Thursday she had raised the issue with the United Nations (UN) secretary-general as well as foreign ministers of countries in the UN Security Council, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Non-Aligned Movement, among other parties. Topics :last_img read more

Zaragoza Canal Dredging Underway

first_imgIn an effort to promote new development opportunities for the state capital, the Government of Quintana Roo is beginning dredging operations on the Zaragoza Canal.The Governor Carlos Joaquín, together with other state and federal officials, yesterday marked the start of the dredging works on the Zaragoza Canal.During the ceremony, the Governor presented the project that will, as he said, “allow the creation of new commercial and tourist routes with Belize and Central America”.The project calls for dredging of the canal to remove the hazard of shallow water increasing the canal dept to three meters and the extension of 4.8 kilometers into the Chetumal Bay to obtain a sea passage with a total length of 6.3 kilometers.According to the officials, once complete – the Zaragoza Canal will connect the state capital with Xcalak.The project is being carried out in coordination with the Ministry of the Navy and state agencies including the Ministry of Environment (SEMA), Ministry of Finance and Planning (SEFIPLAN) and the Integral Port Administration of Quintana Roo.last_img read more

President of DOMDA wants assistance

first_img Share LocalNews President of DOMDA wants assistance by: – February 17, 2012 Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img Tweet 19 Views   no discussions President of the Dominica Diabetic Association (DOMDA) Marvlyn BirminghamPresident of the Dominica Diabetes Association (DOMDA) Marvlyn Birmingham is calling for assistance for the Association to participate in this year’s Diabetes Conversations Training scheduled to take place in Jamaica in April 2012.She told the official opening of a Cancer and Diabetic Wellness Center in Goodwill on Thursday, that although training has been conducted within the Caribbean, Dominica has not been able to participate.She said Dominica has submitted the name of a health professional and member of its executive to participate in the upcoming event but assistance for air fare to Jamaica is needed.“This is an appeal to any of our partners or those who wish to become partners to assist us in that venture. Upon completion we anticipate that the training will be cascaded throughout the health services, with the attendant benefits to the Dominican population,” she said.She also highlighted some of the organizations many accomplishments over the years.“DOMDA with its partners implemented the step by step diabetic foot care training programme which provided training for 27 doctors and nurses in the health care sector in Dominica. Course 1 of the programme took place in October 2011. To help establish the foot care clinics in Dominica we have secured the services of an English Podiatrist Ms. Anna Evens. She volunteered her services to the health services of Dominica for two months. DOMDA with support of its partners sent two members of the Executive to the Diabetes World Congress which took place in Dubai in December 2011.”Birmingham further informed the audience that DOMDA holds monthly educational meetings at the Roseau Health Center and have held public body mass index and waist circumference screenings.DOMDA is a registered Not-for-Profit organization.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Did You Know?

first_imgWhen I was coaching track at Whitewater High School in the mid 1960’s, we always went to the Harrison Relays.  It was a two-day event and drew as many as 30 of the greater Cincinnati track teams.  The meet awards were divided into large school and small school divisions.  The two marque teams were Middletown and Princeton.There were 2 premier athletes at that time, and they were both hurdlers.  For Middletown it was a runner named Love, and for Princeton it was Fred Sagester.  Fred taught school at Batesville and Milan and  later was an administrator for Batesville Schools.  In the 3 years Whitewater was at this meet, I doubt that the margin of victory was ever any more than half a step.  Sagester, who went on to star at Cumberland College in Kentucky, did win all 3 times.We were fortunate at Whitewater to win the small school division each of those 3 years.  One memorable year we not only had to survive the competition but also a tornado.  Needless to say, the meet was not finished on that particular night.  We had to go back for the 3rd day.last_img read more