Firefox plug in new display site to track user activity

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technology news Beijing time on March 3rd morning news, Mozilla recently launched a new Collusion Firefox plugin. When the plugin is enabled, if the site tracks user activity, it will be recorded.

recently, advertising networks and Internet analytics companies to track user behavior has sparked a heated debate, and the launch of Collusion will help users to deal with this problem. Collusion is a free download Firefox plugin, can record the website tracking of user activity, and to visualize and succinct way to show users.

, for example, when users visit the Huffington post website, a number of third party sites will track user activities, including DoubleClick and other ad networks, as well as Facebook and other social media companies. If the user visits other sites, and calls the same third party site service, then such tracking behavior will continue. Collusion will show the tracking relationship graphically.

according to the information displayed by Collusion, the longer the user access to the Internet, the more complex the relationship between tracking. For example, after the user access to 31 different sites, user information has been traced to 79 party sites third.

Mozilla foundation chief operating officer Ryan · (Ryan Merkley); Mo said that the current version of Collusion’s "experimental", Mozilla plans to continue the development of this plug-in, and has received a $300 thousand grant from the Ford foundation. "We want to provide more functionality to help people understand what the tracker is doing, where they come from, and how they relate to each other," he said." Collusion will also help users to share these data anonymously, so that the academic community and the press can understand the tracking ecosystem.

in the best case, Collusion will help users fully grasp their data. Currently, most of the privacy protection measures are not intuitive, such as Google’s Cookies policy, the user can agree or give up. Facebook also has the same problem in this respect.

but moakley said: "we did not say, all tracking behavior will bring adverse effect, should be banned. We believe that people should be able to choose the degree to which individual data is tracked. We do not have a good way, but Collusion will be the first step in development." (Wei Jin)

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