The city was soon sent freight whirring Tea Horse Road 5 million capital investment

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today, a one-stop logistics platform "was soon revealed to send" hunting cloud network recently completed, by the chamagudao capital investment 5 million yuan Pre-A round of financing.

if the main logistics enterprises as the artery China, then is the main artery of city distribution at the end of the capillary, and these capillaries need now is fresh blood, city distribution has gradually become a new demand gap. "Fast fast delivery is a commitment to improve the field of city courier sent straight high price, the traditional express" timeliness "of the core pain points to the Internet logistics platform, the main business currently has four: send, send, half city flash across the city for 8 hours, standard express.

recently launched a half day city express was sent business, namely: in the city in a limited area, customers in the morning after the delivery, the recipient will receive at no later than the time of 5:00; the customer in the afternoon after the delivery, the recipient will be at no later than the time of receiving the 9:00.

was quickly sent to founder Sun Jianbo said, at present the city to send the business half price is tentatively scheduled for 9.9 yuan / single. He believes that, compared to the higher prices of city direct business and poor timeliness of the traditional city courier business, "half day send" is in a middle position, speed may be slower than the "direct", but compared with the traditional city courier business much faster, the price is more people than the "direct" products.

currently send "a send out" products can be the fastest 30 minutes pick-up, 2-6 hours of service. It may sound unbelievable, but "half send" products can achieve 9.9 yuan price and no money to burn the market, instead of every single can produce a profit of $2~3.

Sun Jianbo told us that the essence of the rapid delivery of logistics platform, the key point in the platform two words above, so he did not do it in the mode of heavy assets. In fact, there are a lot of small and independent city distribution team under the line, these teams are generally large local companies, government agencies to provide distribution of city express. Compared with the traditional city courier business, these small teams have three characteristics: two times a day, embrace the recipient and send pieces of staff members using the tricycle as a means of transport (more flexible), distribution center in the three ring in (location more concentrated). Although their distribution efficiency is higher, but due to stay away from the Internet, the lack of Internet talent, and more conservative ideas, their business is gradually showing a shrinking trend.

"but the team is very professional, but also has many years of experience, can well control the relationship between efficiency and cost, their distribution of a single price of only 7~8 yuan, but the user experience is very good. In the Internet age, they need another export." Sun Jianbo hopes to use the power of the Internet to help these small and independent city distribution team to achieve transformation, to help them improve their business.

is currently sending fast forward

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