On the effect evaluation system of network marketing

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is now the social economy is heavy, heavy gains, network marketing is also true. The concept of network marketing is the first point of the enterprise marketing goal oriented, which shows that all of the means of network marketing is to focus on marketing objectives to choose and arrange. So, we must recognize the evaluation indexes of the marketing target, is to understand, we want to achieve what kind of marketing effect, such marketing effect can be decomposed into what kind of evaluation index, these indicators of how much, how much how much is too low, achieve the expected target.

according to the characteristics of these indicators, we divide them into three levels:

first level

amount of telephone calls volume registration number of members to participate in the number of votes

The level of

index, is the enterprise most directly concerned with the results of marketing or marketing is the basic index, the index of the decision variables, the content of the website, the price of the product, the service, the weight of the sales staff capacity and speed of response level has a higher.

second level

independent IP and PV ALEXA rank PR

this level indicators for network marketing service providers, is to verify the core indicators of marketing results. These indicators are the premise of the first level indicators, without these indicators, the first level indicators can not be discussed.

third levels

keyword ranking page contains the amount of the amount of CPC chain number

this level of indicators, is the most basic indicators of network marketing, they are the most concerned about the technical staff, media executives. They are also the basic guarantee of the first and second levels.

finally, we use a legend to show these indicators.



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