From the Alipay circle of jurisprudence is with the view of human nature behind

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wanted to make a difference in the field of Internet social Alibaba — indeed keep on fighting Wangwang, contacts, nail and other applications, can see Ali in the field of social ambitions. But until now, can carry the banner of social Ali only Alipay. In order to let Alipay in the field of social keepstanding, Ali is hard. During the Spring Festival "in five" activities let users continue on Alipay to build social chain, but after the mixed social activities, Alipay has not frequency substantially improved.

and in recent days, Alipay in a big move to "campus diary", "white collar diary" completely maxed circle of internet. But with the previous Alipay high cold image, the Alipay play was "jurisprudence", was criticized by the industry and the public. Especially the ant integral can be more than 750 points in the point of praise or comment, also let people despise". Alipay circle of jurisprudence and in credit scoring on an issue, how to figure out the human


high scores of jurisprudence of humanity and credit unrelated to

The Alipay

radical in the social circle on the behavior of controversial. Wang Sicong has always been afraid of big things directly on the micro-blog comment, o2o prostitution is pretty X, attracted comments and points like countless. Some good even for WeChat, Alipay, unfamiliar street current relationship to Odd Photos, Alipay to pull users like it involved Huang Qiang penfan. As for those involving yellow photographs of women, no longer hair, after all, is a large online search.


no matter Alipay’s vulgar marketing is intentionally or unintentionally, have been wandering in the edge of jurisprudence, ethics and law. But it seems that this is not fun, to praise, comment or reward for these full of provocative photos, users must also ant credit score above 750 points. In accordance with the strict integration of the ant audit, upgrade standards, 750 points is absolutely good credit to achieve the user. The ant is now integral 747 points, more than 750 points around Montana although there are few, but.

, that is to say, although Alipay is in the marketing of "playing with fire" is the target audience in the core of their own high score, high credit users. In fact, although the Alipay circle to the fire, but it also shows that the credit is not related to the human nature and in fact. Many of the photos released by the female users have said that too many friends, are busy…… Maybe a lot of people are talking about credit, but in the depths of human nature, they still have shortcomings and weaknesses. Alipay will move with this show grey of human nature, really afraid of offending the core users of


payment application kidnapping social morality to do this right


hot marketing method, is in fact in the kidnapping of social morality. In order to attract a high degree of appreciation of the user’s point of praise, appreciation, seems to be raising the support

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