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if you are a trendsetter, so will the "awesome" two words are often linked to the mouth, because people know that "awesome" two characters after the 2010 popular in the network, almost to the speed to occupy The wind puffs the clouds away. every one’s mouth: People’s daily, presided over the party…… If you don’t know this simple and awesome "awesome" two words, that you are really OUT.

of course, if you are self-employed, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, especially in Chongqing, the boss of individual entrepreneurs, must know the government in Chongqing to give their awesome preferential policies. If you do not know this, then I do not say you OUT, but I want to say: you lose it!

June 7, 2010, the 73 executive meeting of the municipal government approved the "Chongqing government on the development of a number of opinions" of micro enterprises, the first in the country to launch a whole to support micro enterprise development policies and measures. The three session of the Municipal Committee of the seven plenary session will be the development of micro enterprises into the work of the people’s livelihood, and proposed the development of the 60 thousand micro enterprises, the goal of the new job of 300 thousand jobs in the world.

now, the author combines his bid for the micro enterprises (Chongqing Shangjie advertising limited liability company) process, micro enterprise policy detailed interpretation, let more want to start, want to be friends with the owner from micro enterprises, micro enterprises take the sails, Yang business reputation; let more people to join the micro enterprises industry, resource sharing, mutual assistance, mutual benefit!

First of all,

said the application process.

as the demolition land family, has been concerned about the related information of micro enterprises, the government issued a document after the founder of micro enterprises, the author carefully read the relevant documents and policies, determine their own government in helping the "nine groups", and meet all the other conditions for micro enterprises. So in October 2010, they went to the trade and Industry Bureau to receive the application form of micro enterprise entrepreneurship, prepare all kinds of documents needed to run the social security office, the government office approval materials, seal, etc..

as the ten livelihood projects in Chongqing micro enterprise projects, has a strict operating procedures, relevant information and procedures are strictly controlled. In all the materials to the trade and Industry Bureau a few days later, they received a notice to Fuling five days, the main training management related courses.

by the five day of study on micro enterprises have a more in-depth and more comprehensive understanding of relevant policies also have a more detailed understanding, the docking program to go with the answers. After that, the main is to apply for a business license, and then start business.

government to give preferential policies to micro enterprises the most awesome.

in financial aid, mainly in accordance with the "measures for the administration of Chongqing city to support micro enterprise" (Trial) (Yu Fu Fa 2010 No. 192) sixth chapters twenty-first to twenty-five support, mainly in the following three aspects.

1, the registered capital subsidies; county financial sector in accordance with the actual situation of micro enterprises, in the registered capital of not more than 50% >

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