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      Chinese first product manager open day on Friday afternoon at Marissa Google, Google’s products is how to make the following, mainly want to share with you the six direction she mentioned search:

      1) breakthrough language – Marissa said we have been trying to achieve network multi language translation, in this regard, Google based on its large number of global data resources is the development of a more accurate, machine learning and statistics program advanced to optimize the Google translation system, hoping to achieve the real "flat" world and work.

      2) – book search book search is not only to provide a channel to find their required information in the network information for the user, broadly speaking, the development of book search is to integrate the essence of human civilization, shortcut to explore knowledge. Google will work with more libraries and publishers to improve the quality of book search. We recently launched Google Metadata hope that through this product, in full text books is not income when the Google book search results, and the directory can provide for reference for everyone.

      3) multimedia search – the rapid development of the Internet today, the user’s need for multimedia search is increasing. We recently launched a service in the United States is a multimedia search in this field to do a little exploration. This service is called Google Local Search (Google voice local search) (Voice). 1-800-GOOG-411 hit by telephone (411 in the United States is equivalent to 114 of the information Chinese), tell us your problem, Google will search results in the form of text messages sent to you, or for you to phone Unicom query. Marissa said that another significance of this exploration is that through this search, we can collect a variety of voice data every day, so as to provide a research data preparation for the future of the real voice search.

      4) (Universal Search) – integrated search Google hopes through Google’s efforts to break the traditional search engine model concept, general search using intelligent analysis and navigation system, the different search results in the field of organic integration in a "," integration "is the future of Google search the direction of development. This can help users navigate a search box easily, but also can help many vertical portals really tap their potential, so that those who do not know their users quickly find them.

      5) map and local / life search

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