Zhejiang newspaper media transformation of new media 3 billion 200 million yuan purchase waiting for

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after the shareholders’ meeting, we will report the program to the Commission, is currently awaiting feedback." June 20th, Zhejiang newspaper media Secretary Li Qing told reporters in Hangzhou.

June 11th, Zhejiang newspaper media (600633.SH) held in 2012 the first provisional shareholders meeting examined and adopted the "on the company complies with the conditions of non-public offering of stock bill" and many other motion. Accordingly, the average monthly number of active users nearly 20 million of the winger and gallant will be included in the listed company under the command of the TMT field become test platform, has become the pioneer in exploring the transformation of traditional media.

20 million active user

prior to June 1st, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance issued "on the approval of Zhejiang newspaper media group Limited by Share Ltd non-public offering of A shares of the letter", the company agreed to the non-public offering of A shares.

According to

, a major asset purchase program, Zhejiang newspaper media intends through private placement combined with self financing way, the acquisition of Hangzhou winger, Shanghai holdfast each 100% stake in the estimated value of the underlying assets totaling approximately 3 billion 200 million yuan. Which intends to raise private placement of not more than 2 billion 500 million yuan, other funds raised by self. Zhejiang newspaper holdings commitment to subscribe for the scale of not less than 10%.

newspaper learned that, after the introduction of the program, the market for such a high price tag out quite surprised. Previously, the grand game in Nasdaq’s valuation is only 8 times, brilliant communication (600880.SH) acquisition of Chengdu DreamWorks is presented when the price earnings ratio is only 7 times. But Li Qing the newspaper explained that Zhejiang newspaper is a game platform for winger, Ho’s understanding, with community property, the 2011 average monthly number of active users of nearly 20 million, the average monthly new registered users exceeded 3 million people, a total of nearly 600 products, rather than simply a game company. If you refer to the valuation of this network of community networks, the purchase price is not high. "The acquisition of winger, Haofang, Zhejiang newspaper media is not across the field to enter the field of online games, but for a large number of active users, and then based on this new media experiments. It is ulterior motives." Analysis of Ze Hui investment research director Yang Jian said.

It is reported that

, after mastering the user, Zhejiang newspaper media intends to track user behavior, focus management, so as to push content, such as advertising, can also be integrated all Zhejiang newspaper group under the media user information database and winger game business platform and database platform for docking.

Wang Kai

of Zhejiang University associate professor of media and international culture, media development prospects in unknown circumstances, to more power into the whole media, Zhejiang newspaper media is also adapt to the situation. However, due to China’s media industry had little capital operation, so how valuation, how to play a synergistic effect, but it is placed in front of decision-makers a difficult problem.

with incubators, venture capital and other things in the country increasingly

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