have a dream there is no shuangshier telecommunications fraud

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"shuangshier" on this day, in a "buy buy buy" roar, the news spread like wildfire in the social network: "Southern Metropolis Daily" reporters spend 700 yuan to buy a colleague all private information, including open room records, assets, Internet cafes, flight records, account information, and even bank deposit records, mobile phone real-time positioning, mobile phone call records, and provide guarantee for third party software for such services, the entire transaction has jumped to the "platform".

in the day after the release of this news, a variety of follow-up reports are more or less evidence and further revealed the existence of underground social workers library. In the field of information security practitioners who believe that this kind of thing is not from time to time on the news, there is already the norm for many years, many hackers have their own accumulation of personal social work library, there are a large number of user data.

on the Chinese Internet, personal information leakage is not new. Before CSDN, 12306, Ctrip NetEase, mail and other large-scale information leakage incidents, involving one hundred thousand users, tens of millions or tens of millions, or even billions of dollars; over the weekend, according to the financial reports, Jingdong 12G disclosure of user data, then the Jingdong confirmed the news, saying the security vulnerabilities in the data source in 2013 2 Struts. According to the familiar black production information security practitioners revealed that in 2013 the Jingdong has hundreds of millions of user data leakage, this library is the underground black production circle is relatively cheap, large data, transactions involving information from the company’s national level products. Many Jingdong internal security department and the hacker circles are aware of the existence of the database, but the library has had a hacker is still relatively small, once being sold out by the possibility of diffusion, Jingdong such accountability is relatively large, can be traced back to the source, the risk is very high, so the 3 years are not public exposure. But for Jingdong, it is still a time bomb, until now the media exposure is known to the outside world.

another thing more annoying things and twelve more. Alipay offers twelve double pay line, designed a grand prix, 5000th completed the transaction in a period of twelve million users, including 100 barrels will be KFC bucket, super spree. The evening of December 10th, according to the official micro description of Alipay, "Ms. Xu from Zhengzhou completed 12 of 5000th Alipay reputation double million transactions. Our first time to contact her, first by hanging up the phone, not easy to contact again, she said all these gifts don’t. Although she has told these gifts will be Alipay card vouchers and other forms to her (card coupons using 0 threshold, OK, and personal donation) not let her full finished, she still refused."

comment area under this micro-blog is very lively, many users believe that if they encounter such a thing, would also think that the phone fraud, Xu refused to accept the same prize. Ms. Xu refused

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