[gossip] three income over a million to treat seriously personal website how much you want to make

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If your personal station monthly income over ten million this article has no meaning to you, about the commercial site planning I will write in the future, if your site income in 0 – 9000 yuan / month, I suggest you read the full text.

personal site profitability is a headache for many webmaster problem, no traffic at the beginning of worry, there is no money to make money also worry, earn a little money but can not see the future direction of development more worried. To make this a little better, it looks like we’ll have two more cups of coffee tonight. Today’s mood is good, the company will have a holiday tomorrow, enter the duty schedule, today, a red envelope (Festival fee), although only a few K, but the heart is very happy, after all, can let the brain relax. Today, Wang read my essay, I said to write planning are written to the occupation disease, even writing so dry, not even the point of view of a good story, would have to be many personal webmaster PASS. At that time he did not admit, but think carefully, there is truth, no wonder people a month tens of K. Oh, this is a digression. But from the beginning, I will try to avoid writing a book, trying to write a story book, a look at the kind of understanding, huh, huh, huh, huh.


well, the text begins:

in the most personal, in fact there is a problem is that many individual owners did not want to know, is that you do stand why, if something is to show the person, or in a home network, then don’t want to flow, also don’t do advertising, the following the text you don’t see. I mentioned here refers to the personal station who really wants to stand bigger, stronger, and finally into the commercial operation of the site, it is a process of entrepreneurship. Well, if you belong to the latter, GO ON!

want to make money, do not want to avoid the commercialization of this problem: business model; do not put the theory, I personally experience as the main line.


(I) is to "interest" or "operation"

at the end of 1998, I made the first person standing on the Internet, I lost many of the literature, love art, in a complete mess, fine blind painting, so the first station is called "the Bookworm’s nest, no planning, no design, think what to do, then heard what the web the software is used to make computer Notepad, the teacher told me to put the word play well, then using two special bracket circle (< pre> < /pre> tag), and then give it to him, to the Internet, do not let me use Chinese file name, speak with Pinyin, then want to do not understand, do not want to, just want to put their hair up to something. A list of URLs, I used the paper down slowly, don’t waste.

about half a year’s appearance, that is, in 1999, their ability to long, HTML write cooked, but also know the simple picture processing, so I put my literature into

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