Business website customer service logistics is still a bottleneck of chaos will occur lack of honest

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return is not refundable, order disappeared, orders for payment without notice after the purchase of goods delayed delivery…… In recent years, with the continued growth of the rapid development of the electronic commerce website and the online consumer, how to attract consumers online consumer is no longer the biggest problem facing the business enterprise, on the contrary, all strong dissatisfaction of consumers in shopping after the attendant, so that the electricity supplier companies questioned.

experts said, the electricity supplier customer service service chaos will occur, in addition to expose the business enterprise itself needs to strengthen infrastructure construction, logistics is still the bottleneck of the development of enterprise, also exposed the lack of the integrity of the industry.

1 chaos: orders disappeared

in the 315 rights complaints online, an activist numbered 20110903056 in the August 25th consumer complaints that the pretty things Qiaoyu website to buy a Lee pants and a T-shirt, number 201108251274862, by way of cash on delivery. In August 30th, the consumers receive messages sent to the site, has been called by SF express delivery, express a single number to 200859317420, but has not received the goods. Then the consumer inquiries express order, found that even without this, call the customer service telephone hotlines. In September 1st, the consumer questions on the website "insider", this website replies: "your questions are being processed, our customer service staff may take some time, please wait, this condition is not more than 24 hours." But then over the past 3 days, the consumer has not been answered.

had 2 Chaos: after payment

coincidentally, 315 complaints online rights activist numbered 20110901019 consumers have complained that their August 24th in pretty things Qiaoyu website to buy a kangaroo brand jeans, in accordance with the requirements of the purchase price paid to the website, has not received the goods on the website of the order information is always displayed "in the distribution state". Then, the consumers and the purchase of a commodity, the order is displayed in distribution, until a few days after the order shows the distribution of failure. After that, the consumers have to contact the customer service website, but after a few days of service calls unanswered, email has not been back, no one to call the failure distribution.

3: return refund delay chaos

Mr. Zhao in October 24, 2010 in the network serves the orders to buy a pair of shoes, 29 days of receipt of goods, but because the shoes are too big to wear, put forward in November 3rd (unconditional return within seven days of return time), in mid November to get network serves customer service reply, said after the inspection shoes will not affect the second sale, agree a refund within 3 days. But after half a month, the money is still not returned to mr.. Mr. Zhao played 3 times the customer service phone, all told in time, but the results are the following. Later, after repeated communication, Zhao finally got a refund.


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