What makes half an American network paralyzed DDoS white paper to show you the truth

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The United States

website technology provider Dyn announced that the company suffered a DDoS in the morning local time on Friday (DDoS) attack, resulting in a number of sites in the east coast of the United States including Netflix, Twitter, down, Spotify and Reddit have received calamity and.

called DDoS, its full name is Distributed Denial of Service, distributed denial of service attacks. The attack, with the help of client / server technology, combines multiple computers as an attack platform to launch DDoS attacks on one or more targets, thereby increasing the power of denial of service attacks.


usually, an attacker using a stolen account will DDoS the main control program is installed on a computer, in a set time master program with a large number of agent communication, many agents have been installed on the computer on the network. When an agent receives an instruction, it attacks. Using client / server technology, the master program can activate hundreds of thousands of agents in a few seconds.

DDoS is not like every hour and moment, but spread to the east coast of the United States is a distributed denial of service attacks in the popular website is really rare, therefore, the Tencent made a DDoS white paper, take you to sort out how much harm DDoS.





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