The impact of big data on the nternet

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big data is often referred to by the recent internet heavyweights, big data in the gradual change of the Internet, the Internet bigwigs are also using big data to provide users with more accurate marketing and services.

so big data come from? What is the impact of big data on the Internet?

Big data

Internet is from the people’s habits, people often browse the Internet, online shopping, social networking and other left information will be collected by the data collection tool, and uploaded to the data processing platform for data processing. For example, the electricity supplier website because you buy used to provide you with you may be interested in, because you will search engine search habits you want to provide search results, social tools and social networking platform is because of your hobbies you can recommend to you people who are interested in.

due to the large amount of information is very large, the general processing tools have been unable to meet such a large amount of data processing, cloud computing platform will also produce. Cloud computing platform is composed of a large number of servers, complex data collection to be divided into small data distribution to the server for processing, so even if there is a bad server, the other server can run normally, the goods and services of the bad data will be reallocated to other servers. The generation of cloud computing platform also promoted the generation of cloud servers and cloud hosting.

cloud server also ensures that the site does not appear down, the website can better and faster operation. Cloud hosting can not only make the site’s access speed and data processing faster, but also help us collect user habits, so that we can accurately provide users with the services required.

The United States of California

RAKsmart server ( product manager Chinese area once said to me: "the rise of big data will make more and more enterprises use cloud computing platform, Internet marketing and service will be more and more accurate, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises will choose cloud hosting website construction and carry out their business."

RAKsmart is an American server in California earlier in the cloud hosting business of the company, has been moved by customers with the quality and service, they also specifically for Chinese customers support China Telecom line cloud hosting, cloud hosting them except in performance than the general strong, their cloud hosting is to support 10 independent IP. We all know the general China cloud hosting is the need to purchase IP, RAKsmart server and California America is a free independent IP, and the price is cheaper than the domestic to the many years of experience, so they need to know more users.