Pharmaceutical electricity supplier new regulations or the implementation of the market size in 2015

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China’s pharmaceutical distribution system will usher in a radical change. "Economic Reference News" reporter learned that, "the Internet operating food and drug supervision and management measures" is expected to be formally introduced in the new year’s day, after then, online sales of prescription drugs will be gradually liberalized, and for the pharmaceutical circulation enterprises, it means that the broad market open pharmaceutical business.

has 9 sources to the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, the food and drug administration is currently held an internal meeting last discussed "the Internet operating food and drug supervision and management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") before the introduction of matters, such as no accident, the "law" will be the fastest in 2015 after the new year issued.

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" method "is a great breakthrough and development in the past documents, make up the blank areas of food, medicine, cosmetics, health food, medical equipment, food and drug administration supervision of product sales in the network." The above sources. For the current market is most concerned about the sale of prescription drug release and other issues, the sources pointed out that, taking into account the developed countries did not let go, but from the current domestic data, online pharmacies to sell most of the product is condoms, contact lenses and other non prescription drugs, prescription drugs, the proportion is not high, not to the level of 15%, the State Food and drug administration are very cautious attitude, the large differences of opinion.

"now, a internal agreement is reached, the network can sell prescription drugs varieties specifications to the positive list, and net sales of the scope of medical devices will use the negative list form of ban." The source said, prescription drugs in fine linen drugs will not be in the range of positive list, prescription drugs can only be gradually liberalized restrictions.

medical equipment in the third types of medical equipment in high risk equipment will ban Internet sales, operating equipment is unlikely to Internet sales, but the market commonly used third types of medical equipment products, contact lenses, will allow Internet sales.

net sale of prescription drugs limited release, the next biggest problem is how to identify the prescription, whether the use of electronic prescriptions, etc.. Insiders told the Economic Information Daily reporters, although the majority of electronic prescriptions in most domestic hospitals have been popular, but did not achieve mutual circulation between hospitals, hospitals and pharmacies Unicom, pharmacy and health insurance system unicom. Therefore, after the release of the sale of prescription drugs online policy, how to identify the authenticity of online pharmacies prescription, how to pass the prescription has become the most realistic problem. It is reported that the country is only the beginning of the pilot hospitals in Hebei Province, health insurance, pharmacy system Unicom project.

it is understood that in 2004, the former State Food and drug administration has issued a "Internet drug information service management approach", "Internet drug trading services interim provisions". But the rules of these two departments are not in line with the development needs of China’s e-commerce market. China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that in 2010 the entire medical e-commerce market size of about 200 million yuan; in 2011 doubled the size to $400 million in 2012 to grow to $1 billion 500 million; 20>