From the volume of 126 million vegetable Ze investment see the P2P platform run away evil tactics

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Abstract: Vegetable Ze investment the "ghost" the trick is not difficult to see through, just remember the basic reliable P2P company does not have these characteristics: young age, boss water, high yield, weak wind control, experience low.

November 5th, the number has just reported a Ningbo P2P platform roll 120 million foot thing. It was just after a few days, and the victim investors to this blog, registered in Shanghai Pudong vegetable Ze Cci Capital Ltd in the online within two months after issuing 126 million (hereinafter referred to as "vegetable Ze investment") also Juankuan run away! Shenzhen city channel and economic life channel, has done the relevant reports on the case.

according to activist group preliminary statistics, the number of victims of this group of investors has more than 300 people, involving more than $16 million. The number of victims and the amount involved is not included. At present, the police in Zhejiang Jinhua, Sichuan Neijiang and other places have opened Shanghai, Pudong not yet filed.


Zi Yan small parties broke after receiving, confirmation, and began to understand the details of the activist group, in this process, many victims accidentally found that investment in vegetable color at the same time, has also invested in Shanghai on Investment Co. Ltd., or Beijing Feng Hong investment limited company, and the two P2P platform almost at the same time lost. As a result, some people are in the "double thunder", some people even connect the three ray".

Sichuan investors Zhang suspected that the relevance of these cases is very large. At present, some police have collected some of the evidence will be investigated. This number will continue to focus on the matter.


vegetable Ze investment is what


ghost. Vegetable Ze investment until May 7th of this year in Shanghai industry and commerce management system was incorporated in August 10th issued the first mark at the beginning of November, the site will not open, customer service will not answer the phone, the boss will run away. From the birth of the registration to the volume of money on foot (death), just 6 months, is a true short-lived ghost.

greedy ghost. The vegetable Ze Investment Corporation Li Guochao registered in China Securities Fund Industry Association registration data show that the company has only 6 people, but the business scope is very wide, from the investment management to cosmetics, daily necessities, from hardware to sports activities and so on, almost Everything is contained therein. How can these 6 people be all powerful enough to do the business?


loaded ghost. Vegetable Ze Investment announced that the registered capital of 218 million yuan, but according to China securities fund industry association publicity information, it actually paid capital but 30 million yuan. Virtual high of 198 million yuan.

may also be a multi-faceted ghost. According to the Sichuan victim investors Zhang said he not only invested Shanghai vegetable Ze investment, also invested.

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