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webmaster network June 1st news: recently there are a lot of home owners to respond to a number of international domain name registration service provider has released e-mail for the international domain name registration. CN domain name and international domain name after the need for real name authentication. The future of the registration of.Com and other international domain names, as well as the identity of the identity card and other pieces of information such as.Cn scanning and through the audit to build the site. At present, 35 network interconnection of several well-known domestic domain name registration institutions have to send personal webmaster international domain name real name registration reminder. According to some Adsense reaction, some areas also require on-site filing materials, cumbersome process of registering for individual owners complain incessantly.

international domain name to gradually carry out the real name system, combined with the recent part of the site was canceled and the domain name registration system will be strictly enforced rumors, indicating that the Internet has begun a new round of regulatory review. From the domain name registration organization to send the contents of the message can be seen by the individual domain name holder can be uploaded through the identity card scanning pieces of real name authentication, the enterprise needs to upload another organization code certificate for real name authentication. After the adoption of the account name, the domain name holder can transfer all domain names under the account under the account of the information, or the use of the template has been audited transfer, to ensure that all the domain name information through the audit. For the international domain name real name system of the audit, the specific details of different Registrar may be different, but the same thing is to provide various types of real name information to be reviewed.

started from the end of 09 the new CN domain name system, not only to review the use of the CN domain name has been registered, found the information problems, such as the content of the website is formal, light re upload information; such as web content involving illegal pornographic or to wipe the table ball, while the direct write off site record. While effectively enhance the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the domain name registration, to effectively combat the adverse CN domain name applications have, there is not a small effect on the purification of Internet content specification environment, but some practices in regulation across the board also made a lot of regular site getting involved, for individual webmaster entrepreneurial passion brings is not a small blow, a certain extent slows down the development of the Internet’s entrepreneurs. There are many webmaster dubbed the international domain name system development,.Com and.Cn down the same line, can not be said for the CN domain name is a "promotion".

webmaster reaction part registrars take extreme approach to prohibit users to clean up the problems of the domain name registration information, is the main reason for the international domain name system is jittery. The real name of the international domain name system to some extent, for the specification of the Internet, to create a more healthy and orderly development environment has a certain role in promoting. For the legitimate operation of the personal webmaster is very small, just in accordance with the rules and regulations of the real name information audit can avoid risks. As for the past, the international domain name registered in the country, in the hope that the website domain name resolution to the foreign illegal harmful information operations and walking webmaster, is undoubtedly a serious blow. And before the rumors of the white list system >

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