Good relationship with customers to help store business development

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and customer should have a what kind of relationship, which in the current I’m afraid stumped many operators. In fact, for small series, if you can and customer relations, I believe that the development of undertakings for the business will have a very big help. Why do you say that? Let Xiaobian to introduce.

I love calligraphy, the village weddings and build new houses of the people, came to me to write the invitation and post. No matter who it is, no matter what time, I smile, ". Many relatives and friends of people, once wrote the invitations dozens of pieces, I seriously write each card after the tired wrist pain. I used to write on posts, are used today. This jiangtaigong thevariousgods abdicates the most favorable auspices, "this old words. For a long time, somewhat old-fashioned and monotonous. In the peaceful time, I put a similar "spring is all over the human world flowers TuYan, Fulin throughout the yard Chang An" new words and sentences written in the book, let the house households according to their own hobbies to choose.

wedding and the new house of people, busy, just give me a call, I put the cigarette delivery. When they buy cigarettes, not only to buy enough to buy enough, but also to buy more than a waste. In order to solve their psychological problems, every time I smoke, always bring a few. The cigarette delivered, they have to face with the smoke, I will sincerely say: "it’s over, left a back, left back a box in a box, then one more check out now!" The user nodded with satisfaction.

if the customer has been to the shop, the owner of the incomparable trust, such shops will worry about the business is not good to do? In short, I think this kind of mutual trust, particularly harmonious relationship between customers and I really is very rare, it is worth treasuring, more critical is that the business can also be of great help to the development of the shop oh.

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