Women’s entrepreneurial tendency to choose food and beverage to join the project

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joined the market sentiment reviews, to join the project when people are very cautious in the selection, in fact, men and women in the choice of entrepreneurial projects is different, women tend to choose the restaurant to join the project.


The top three industries

"China entrepreneurial people report" by CCTV "by the rich" jointly launched the foreign cooperation center column, Tsinghua University research center of China Agricultural University, MBA Chinese entrepreneurship center and the national development and Reform Commission of small and medium-sized enterprises, from 924 valid questionnaires, summarized and refining, questionnaire involving 26 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide.


the survey, 48% of the respondents in the venture capital scale of 100 thousand yuan, 19% yuan to 300 thousand yuan in 100 thousand. If you want to start a business, there are 100 thousand yuan can start. 26-35 years old is the best period of entrepreneurs, the number of entrepreneurs in this period of nearly half, reaching 47%.


in the report, the reporter found that the key factors of entrepreneurial success is to grasp market opportunities; the second is the family and friends support; third is enough market research before the start.



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