Why hot pot is called China’s first food

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now Chinese cuisine catering industry what can be said of the Chinese "first read your dinner delicacy" Memoirs of what you see, frequently choose dinner, slowly you will find Hot pot seems to be a necessary choice for you for dinner. So hot pot was dubbed China’s first gourmet, said

friends and relatives during the Spring Festival, there is one or two meals you choose is Hot pot or? Feel the winter cold, Xixi, you will remember to eat from a Hot pot? Enough to comfort a single dog eating small Hot pot, to Hot pot, mushroom, seafood, Chaozhou Hot pot Hot pot Hot pot of porridge at least, big data that around us is more and more Hot pot shop.

beauty group · Institute of public comment in November last year issued a "2015 China Hot pot big data report", according to the statistics, as of the third quarter of 2015, a total of 35 national 10000 Hot pot merchants, all catering businesses in the penetration rate of 7.3% in the first row. This means that in each of the 100 restaurants were recorded by the U.S. public, there are an average of 7.3 hot pot restaurants.

in Chongqing, the penetration rate of hot pot is as high as 20.1%, that is, every restaurant in which there are 1 hot pot. If you want to come to my business in accordance with the permeability of the lofty food promotion according to status report said, "Hot pot has become the first major delicacy Chinese".

according to the penetration rate, hot pot has become China’s largest food".

from the consumer’s point of view, the popularity of hot pot is not difficult to understand. With the migration of people and things of the exotic curiosity, like Xiamen will open Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles, while Hebei will have Shaxian County snacks, Hot pot will appear in each city.


"buffei" born to make it more suitable for their friends for dinner, some operators to enhance the appearance of the Hot pot in the plate, bowl, indoor decoration, and will not let it eat Western-style food than coffee Low, not to mention some Hot pot flavor is delicious.

but selling hot pot restaurant is becoming more and more, nor is it just wishful thinking consumers. From the business perspective, "discovering Hot pot shop", possibly because it is profitable.

1. this is the most easy to copy the Chinese restaurant

compared to McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken this western style fast food, Chinese food is difficult to standardize is no secret. Casually walked into a restaurant, may have dozens of hundred dishes on the menu, they need different ingredients, seasoning, cooking, making process, which means that each restaurant had several cooking passable cook dishes, even some exclusive taste, can in a restaurant >

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