Zhejiang Tongxiang nternet business nternet business concern tide

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the Internet as a new thing in our life is very popular, but now there are a lot of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship will look into the entire Internet industry in the country, but also set off a climax of the Internet business.

"off the record", "Internet +" concept has become the economic development of the key words, a wave of entrepreneurial innovation is the surging tide.

with Tongxiang to continuously build innovative space, more and more guests in Tongxiang dream. It is understood that the current electricity supplier companies and individual stores in Tongxiang has more than 2, last year, the city’s e-commerce transactions reached 68 billion yuan, of which the network retail sales of $13 billion 600 million. In 2014 the national e-commerce Pokka County in Tongxiang, ranking fourth.