What are the problems that are easy to occur before the opening of the catering business

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catering business as long as the proper operation, you can always have a very large market, not worry about being eliminated by the market. Because of this, many people will be doing food business investment. However, if you want to make their own food and beverage business normally opened, some of the problems that need to be taken seriously. So, what are the problems that are easy to occur before the opening of the catering business?

restaurants opened before the need to handle documents very much, or else there is no rebuff, there to get you a fine headache, the Department of defense, environmental health certificate (pollution, the emission of soot), fire protection, industry and commerce, taxation, construction inspection, advertising etc..

restaurant opened before the easy problems are:

The decoration scheme

1, restaurant design not to go to check the urban construction approval, especially outside the window decoration, the results just renovated, urban construction inspection, shutdown, fines or demolition, influence of city planning, if unnecessary trouble.

2, restaurant design construction and decoration project, did not pass the examination and approval of the fire department, and fire channel small, fire engines can not enter the channel, a little, an emergency evacuation to the fire department, but also a fine focus design scheme and a waste of time and money.

3, food and beverage store kitchen design is unreasonable, not in accordance with the requirements of health defense station.

4, environmental protection also requires approval, emissions of pollutants is not up to trouble.

5, industrial and commercial tax also need to handle, the restaurant has no business license is not business.

6, the name looks simple, but not long after the case was not opened the door, because the first registered trademark name of others, your complaint infringement, so in the current food and beverage brand development, must have brand awareness, not only have the awareness of self-protection, but also away from the trademark lawsuit.

opening is not as simple as we imagine, once opened the door, even if the business is done, if you want to do a legitimate business, in fact, there are still many problems need to be resolved. So, if you join the catering business, these small issues described above need to be paid attention to, so that the official opening will not be affected oh.