The world’s first Tibetan search engine cloud storage open operation

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from the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, leading the implementation of Northwest University For Nationalities and Beijing line, limited company of science and technology R & D cooperation, have complete independent intellectual property rights of the world’s first Tibetan search engine — cloud search Tibet (domain name in August 22nd, the Republican County town Qia Bu Qia officially launched operation. This has a positive significance to promote the protection, development, dissemination and use of Tibetan language, and enhance our network security.

to conform to the trend of development of the information age, we continue to meet the needs of the majority of Internet users in April 2013, Tibetan personalized retrieval, in Tibetan means "erudite teacher", the Chinese transliteration of "hidden in clouds" in the name of the Tibetan search engine system development project in Hainan officially launched. The R & D team diligently work, the "cloud hidden" search has completed the development of web crawler, text search and content management module, automatic segmentation, web search, web crawler system architecture construction, basically all the features of a search engine.

according to the "cloud Tibet" to search for specific responsible person, director of Hainan Tibetan Language Work Committee Office Cailuo project, "the cloud is mainly composed of" Tibet "search, news, pictures, music, video search and encyclopedia, library and ask such application system. As one of the key technologies of "cloud storage", Tibetan automatic word segmentation technology, which supports a variety of operating systems, has high accuracy, fast word segmentation, rich interface properties, and easy integration. At the same time, the Tibetan language synonyms and Latin Transliteration spelling system, semantic search, search, search and other functions from different encoding conversion.

it is reported that the development of content, each of which belongs to the development and application of innovation in the field of information processing in Tibetan, filling the blank, in a leading position at home and abroad, marking China’s Tibetan information technology has made a major breakthrough.


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