Xining city north of the 80 ecological park to promote fine agriculture

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Along with the city to speed up the process, the north area of the total crop sowing area is also reduced, north of agricultural transition from traditional farming to urban leisure agriculture, the production from extensive agriculture to agricultural products.

it is understood that the northern area of 50030 acres of crops from 2006 to reduce the end of 2011 acres of land by the end of 30018. In recent years, has built a technology, sightseeing type, farmhouse and other types of ecological park and the base more than and 80, the park, the completion of the base to change the structure of agricultural production, provide employment channels for farmers, farmers 1560 people. The introduction of cultivated varieties of strawberry, tomato, chili, nectarine, long loofah, increased the yield of farmland, planting, breeding, involving the number of fruit, leisure and other types of Rural Economic Cooperation Organization reached more than and 70, radiation leading enterprises and the OECD with kinetic energy power, to further expand sales channels of agricultural products.

also invested 540 thousand yuan to carry out the introduction of new varieties of fruits and vegetables, stereo cultivation, standard ecological breeding technology, the OECD management as the main content of the rural practical technology training 82 thousand and 300 people, into the "sunshine project" skills training to carry out 1 million 707 thousand and 500 yuan of funds, welders, electricians, drivers, Handmade, carpet the preparation, hotel management, Hand-Pulled Noodle technicians and other professional skills training of rural labor force 3444 people. Currently, has invested 495 thousand yuan to complete the practical technology of farmers sunshine project and green card training in, the completion of the rural surplus labor labor output in 2011, 11 thousand and 400 people, to achieve labor export income of $42 million 375 thousand and 400. (author: Fang Xu,)


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