Xining North District a number of measures to do practical things for ethnic minorities

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carry out rich and colorful games, held a number of training courses, to solve the difficult employment of minority residents, since this year, take a number of measures to the north area of minority people to do practical things, to create national unity and progress advanced area work as a priority among priorities, the construction of the advanced areas of work to go in the four districts.

it is understood that the north area combined with the actual in schools to carry out the distinctive ethnic unity and progress of construction activities, organize the students to carry out the national knowledge and national unity songs into campus activities, the education of national unity has been effectively spread in "learning, speaking and singing activities. The organization of minority people, carry out rich and colorful cultural performances, sports competitions, the Spring Festival Lantern Exhibition and other activities, the minority family exhibit a variety of exquisite handicrafts produced by the people of all ethnic groups with national cultural characteristics of embroidery, weaving, painting, sculpture and other subjects, so that the village people of the ethnic minorities and the Han people to contact more closely. Life more harmonious. Beichuan Hedong Road community run filigree Thangka craft training school "," training area for the regular people of all nationalities filigree Tangka "skills and knowledge, improve the understanding and communication of people of all nationalities" filigree Tangka ", the key to solve the employment problem of ethnic minorities, up to now, a total of more than 5000 training, solve the employment difficulties of minority people more than 200 people.

in addition, in order to highlight the cultural characteristics of national culture, will carry forward, Seongbuk dig the national culture and religious culture, strengthen the minority intangible cultural heritage protection and utilization of mining, sorting, efforts to determine the north area of the first batch of intangible cultural project representative inheritors 22, intangible cultural projects 14; the established 41 branch of folk performing groups, including the Tibetan folk dance, folk singing as the theme of folk songs and dances; at the same time actively declare the Tibetan Culture Museum as a national 5A class tourist attractions. (author: Fang Xu)

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