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7 month 26 to 27, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng in-depth research institutes, institutions of higher learning, business parks, research and technological innovation. He stressed the need to thoroughly implement the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, the science and technology innovation work firmly in their hands, emancipate the mind, seize the opportunity to broaden their horizons, highlighting the problem oriented, remove institutional barriers, promote the innovation of science and technology has become the main driving force of economic and social development in our province.

Qinghai Saline Lake Research Institute is an authoritative scientific research organization in Saline Lake. Wang Guosheng went into the analysis and testing center, Key Laboratory, exhibition hall, a detailed understanding of the overall situation of the development of resources and the status quo of Saline Lake technology, scientific and technical personnel to extend cordial greetings. Wang Guosheng encouraged everyone based on national strategy and regional development needs, and vigorously carry out research to break through the key technical bottlenecks in the comprehensive development of Saline Lake resources. At the Qinghai University, saw the school study in photovoltaic energy, medicine, plateau ecological environment and grassland animal husbandry in areas such as walking in the forefront of the country, Wang Guosheng said approvingly, in Tsinghua University and other colleges and Universities under the help of Qinghai University formed a good innovation mechanism, out of a new road. Hope to further accelerate the pace of transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In Jinhe Tibetan medicine group of Tibetan medicine drug development laboratory, Wang Guosheng affirmed the development mode of enterprise of scientific research, teaching, medical treatment, production and culture combination. Wang Guosheng pointed out that talent is the first resource, it is necessary to vigorously create a respect for knowledge, respect for talent, encourage innovation and strong atmosphere.

Nanchuan Industrial Park focus on the development of special advantage industries, emerging industries, the formation of lithium, photoelectric industry cluster. Wang Guosheng has entered the cast, sapphire crystal, green grass, the era of new energy, Taifeng pulead and other enterprises, into the workshop, to see, to understand the production process, project construction, product development and application of new technology, etc.. He said that enterprises are the main body of scientific and technological innovation. To aim at the forefront of technology, strengthen independent innovation, improve quality and efficiency, and promote the transformation and upgrading.

During the

, Wang Guosheng and government departments, universities, research institutes, business leaders and experts in the discussion. Provincial Science and Technology Department, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee responsible comrades and Xie Xiaoping, Wang Guangqian, Liu Shujie, Wang Tihu, Zhang Huaigang, in Sha Yufeng, Wu Zhijian, Wang Xingfu, Zhang Xiongwei, and Aicuo 1000 about technological innovation, personnel training to speak, put forward opinions and suggestions. Wang Guosheng while listening to remember, from time to time to ask questions, and in-depth discussion with everyone.

pointed out that the majority of scientists and workers rooted plateau, hard work dedication, made a positive contribution to the development of Qinghai. Qinghai is a place of hope. To fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects, and actively promote scientific and technological innovation. To emancipate the mind, seize the opportunity to broaden their horizons, seize the key system and mechanism innovation, develop pragmatic and effective policies and measures to make innovation become the driving engine of Qinghai’s development, and strive to achieve the "overtaking in the economic transformation and upgrading".

Wang Xiao, Wang Yubo, and Wang Liming.


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