Qinghai brand into Hangzhou in May

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gorgeous in May, the province’s brand products once again take the initiative, the integration of the economically developed regions in the mainland, to demonstrate the plateau brand charm, looking for more opportunities for cooperation. 23 days, reporters from the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed by the provincial government hosted the 2016 Qinghai province Industrial and Commercial Bureau brand promotion will be held in Hangzhou city of Hangzhou province Zhejiang Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 27th to 29, more "made in Qinghai" will go into Hangzhou, into Zhejiang, go to the country.

it is understood that the Qinghai brand promotion since 2009, after Shanghai, Chengdu, Ji’nan, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan Province, held in Qinghai seventh brand promotion, a tour the province in recent years is also the largest and most organized enterprises, most types of goods promotion activities, mainly the purpose is through the brand exhibition, trade fairs, trade docking, business communication, cultural propaganda, fully display the Qinghai brand characteristics, promote Qinghai’s brand image, promote Qinghai brand products, the release of Qinghai brand dividends, to further promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprises in our province enterprises at home and abroad, to brand innovation, vigorously the economic development of the brand, and enhance our province brand construction and operation ability, the beauty of Qinghai brand characteristics to the country.

promotion period, our province will be mainly through the national dress show, featured products publishing, cultural arts and crafts demonstration, tourism scenery appreciation and Qinghai folk dance performances and other forms, fully display the brand products of Qinghai cultural and regional characteristics and national charm. Qinghai will also set up brand merchandise sales area characteristic experience and traditional brand merchandise production process display area, highlights the characteristics of Qinghai commercial and cultural arts and crafts, plateau characteristics of food, the actual results fully reflect Qinghai’s unique natural and cultural features and promote the brand strategy.

in addition, according to matchmaking, Qinghai enterprises and enterprises at home and abroad exchanges and cooperation, will also organize business project signing and super docking, and strive to make more "made in Qinghai", more and more consumer awareness and use.


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