The eastern air pollution out of the new three grid pollution extending to the line

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September 16th, Chengdong District Environmental Protection Bureau news, in order to make the responsibility of environmental pollution control management extends to the end, to ensure that the first time that the pollution problems and timely investigation, the establishment of the District, East District Town (community) and village (neighborhood) three levels of air pollution as an incorporate governance system of grid regulation, the atmosphere pollution behavior in the bud.

according to reports, the comprehensive management of air pollution level three grid system in east area, a work for the comprehensive management of air pollution leading group arrangements and supervision of the region is mainly responsible for the comprehensive management of air pollution in the implementation of the work; the two level for the Yun Jia Kou Zhen and 12 new communities, mainly responsible for the construction site, demolition within their own jurisdictions the site, coal-fired boilers, small and medium-sized enterprises, catering units of sewage units thorough investigation work; the three level for the 42 neighborhood committees and administrative villages, mainly responsible for the environmental health and greening of residential buildings in the hospital, the air pollution act promptly reported the discovery of.

According to the

three grid management system, the specific location of the East District 133 construction site and 7 demolition site marked in Yun Jia Kou Zhen and 12 new community area map, real-time grasp the construction site, demolition site number changes, the site dust pollution problems and achieve rapid precise positioning implement. At the same time, the implementation of environmental signs system, the building demolition site environmental responsibility, administrative supervision units responsible person, dust pollution prevention measures and reporting telephone detailed written on environmental protection signs, the grid regulation responsibility extends to the construction unit, the formation of effective mass supervision mechanism. In accordance with the grid supervision responsibilities to the people’s request, on the 133 construction sites, 7 demolition site, two commercial concrete enterprise, as well as the Nanshan Road, mutual road and other 8 key sections of the implementation of dust prevention and control responsibilities, the responsibility of home town, the per capita by Yun new community construction, the city management cadres and workers or departments as. In order to prevent the implementation of the work is not in place, a grid regulatory body to carry out the weekly supervision and inspection of the comprehensive management of the atmospheric pollution, inspectors found problems, timely rectification requirements of the relevant departments, and tracking supervision on the handling of matters. (author: Zhao Junjie)

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