Xining operating small table relevant provisions

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registration of small table should meet the following requirements and standards:

has a fixed place, from the toilet, fixed landfill (station) and other sources of more than 25 meters, the number of business and service area students to adapt, not in the basement or semi basement; the area of the kitchen should be matched with the dining area and supply the number of meals, limited to recruit the number of students is one-time restaurant reception the maximum number of food processing areas; independent compartments place, set up a separate cooking, tableware disinfection cleaning, disinfection and cleaning functions between the equipment size and number should be able to meet the needs;   "small table" independent dining venues and keep clean and tidy, set of water washing facilities, screens, curtains etc. to prevent harmful insects invade the facilities; to lighting, ventilation and smoke exhaust device and effectively prevent flies, dust, waste prevention facilities kitchen should be stored in sealed container; It should be equipped with cold storage facilities, and ensure the raw and cooked stored separately; the main non-staple food should be cooked cooking, no processing or use of food spoilage; food cooked after one-time use, shall not use the remaining food every meal, overnight; the implementation of food sample system; student dining Fencan system, provide clean and the disinfection of tableware for students; establish accounting system; employees obtaining a health certificate before induction. Plainly


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