Province launched the emergency response level V

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at 18:30 on March 28th, the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau issued a blizzard class IV emergency response command, in response to the emergence of heavy snow weather in the eastern part of Hainan.

As of

29, 08, most areas of Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the snowfall process obviously, zadoi County, Jigzhi county appeared heavy snow, the Zaduo snowfall of 14.5 mm, the snow depth of 15 cm; Jigzhi County snowfall of 13.5 mm, the snow depth is 11 cm. In addition, dari County, Yushu city and other places also appeared in the snow. Snow to cattle and sheep foraging, transportation and other adverse effects.

  3, 28, 18, the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory issued a blizzard warning blue, March 28th 18 to 29, 18 Yushu, Golog will appear more than 5 mm of snow (snow 5 cm), and Zhiduo, Zaduo, Qingshui River, gander, dari, banma, Jigzhi will exceed 10 mm the snow (snow 10 cm). According to the forecast, the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau immediately launched the emergency response to actively respond to extreme weather, arrangements for the deployment of Emergency Weather services. All units to strictly enforce the 24 hour emergency duty system, mainly responsible for the implementation of class system; strengthen the relevant meteorological station weather monitoring, forecasting, early warning and tracking services; to provide the latest forecast and warning information, timely reporting to the government at all levels; give full play to the role of meteorological information, timely delivery of early warning information collecting and reporting the disaster.


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