Meeting of the third joint meeting of the northwest police cooperation zone held in Xining

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September 11th, the first meeting of the third joint meeting of the northwest police cooperation zone held in Xining. The meeting summed up last year in northwest area and police cooperation experience, research and deployment of police cooperation mechanism construction in the next year, and signed a joint review of "Northwest police cooperation region of the third joint meeting of the agreement". Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, provincial Party committee secretary Wang Jianjun, chairman, northwest second police cooperation region of the joint meeting of the Gansu Provincial Committee and provincial politics and Law Committee, public security minister Luo Xiaohu, President of the presidency, northwest third police cooperation region of the joint meeting of vice governor, public security Minister Liu Zhiqiang attended the meeting and made a speech.

Wang Jianjun first on behalf of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government, the provincial political and Law Commission, the participants expressed sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks, and a brief introduction of our province. He pointed out that in recent years, our province at all levels of public security organs in the northwest police cooperation framework, firmly establish the "cooperation is the combat" consciousness, very fruitful police cooperation with northwest provinces, established a fraternal profound sentiments of friendship jointly safeguarding national security, and social stability in Northwest china. In the future, to this meeting as an opportunity to further strengthen the anti separatist anti terrorist police cooperation in the fight against crime, public order, emergency, security guards, regional air defense and so on, to further enhance the safeguard national and social stability of the level of ability, make more contribution for the northwest development and a long period of stability.

Luo Xiaohu pointed out that the joint meeting of northwest district police cooperation, rotating the baton to the Public Security Bureau of Qinghai Province, we should closely cooperate, continue to strengthen the "normal, sharing, interaction and win-win" concept, adhere to pragmatic cooperation and further promote the development of the northwest police co multi field, all-round and in-depth direction further, to broaden the field of regional cooperation, enrich the contents of the regional cooperation, promote the sharing of information resources, establish police cooperation responsibility mechanism, to lay a more solid foundation for the maintenance of social stability in the northwest district police cooperation.

Liu Zhiqiang hopes the member units conscientiously fulfill the duties of police cooperation, continuously expand the rich content of police cooperation, actively improve the police cooperation innovation mode, enhance the effectiveness of police cooperation, sum up the promotion of police cooperation experience, to create a new situation in the northwest, northwest police cooperation to maintain harmony and stability, and make greater contribution to the new development of regional security service economy and society.

Gansu, President of

Shaanxi, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other six provinces and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps northwest district police cooperation joint conference was invited to attend the meeting, the six provinces and the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps Public Security Bureau (bureau) deputy department (bureau), Public Security Bureau (bureau), the relevant departments responsible comrades and police our province, state and municipal public security bureau is mainly responsible for the meeting. Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Mongolia, five new provinces and corps cooperation committee chairman police were summarized the provincial police cooperation work for a year. (author: Wei Shuang)


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