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to meet the National Sanitary City review, June 18th, Xining City District patriotic sanitation, health supervision and disease prevention and control center, focus on remediation of the region’s food and beverage industry of vector control, the key to solve the food and beverage industry, the "four pests" exceed the standard rat trace trace of cockroach is not completely clear, "three" facilities etc.. The focus will be divided into three stages, is expected to be completed within two months.

There are more than eight hundred catering units in the urban area of

, the area is open and widely distributed. The remediation area has various types of food and beverage stores and units, school canteens, tea, farmhouse, etc.. The Nanchuan Road, mill area farmhouse as the focus. The rectification work will be cleared out, excrement, rat bite marks etc. at the same time, take the improvement of environment and the improvement of the protection facilities and disinfection and other comprehensive measures.

refused to carry out activities in addition to the "four pests" or "four pests" does not meet the prescribed standards, shall be ordered to make corrections, overdue reform, in accordance with the relevant regulations, can make 2000 yuan to 30000 yuan fine. Members of the public, such as the presence of food and beverage units, you can call the media biological control monitoring and advisory telephone: 0971 – 62520088232712. (author: Li Yanfang)



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