Evening lift college student employment training tide

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when the most difficult year for college graduates swept, some college graduates with a dream, ready to go ahead of the road of entrepreneurship. In order to help the students to succeed in business, the Xining evening news launched the "post test collection students" activities, human resources management department of provinces will once again today, tomorrow, for the introduction of Entrepreneurship Forum and small boss training class of two hit industry training activities in the west area of college students entrepreneurship incubators, the willingness to join the army or want to improve their business entrepreneurs can enroll in College students.

began in 2009 to promote entrepreneurship employment, and I fully to the national entrepreneurial city sprint, then a business incentive policies, gem relax access conditions, increase fiscal and financial support, optimize business environment incentive mechanism, Xining is gradually becoming more entrepreneurial career to rise.

in order to help the university students with willingness, ready to work in the most difficult years, a successful entrepreneurial venture. Xining evening news and the west area of human resources and Social Security Bureau jointly organized business forum, invited the general manager Dr. Sun Lingyu, Sichuan provincial Party School of economics and business management consulting firm Wang Jun billion, West Federation vice president Cheng Jianhua, in the afternoon, and ready to start or are college students, in the form of interviews, to explore what entrepreneurs need the kind of spirit, entrepreneurs need to have the kind of idea, how to improve your business and other content, successful entrepreneurs will "own" and share his entrepreneurial experience.

at the same time, in view of the current business, but how to manage the enterprise and management problems of small bosses, Xining evening news and the west area of human resources and Social Security Bureau will be in 19 days, 20 days, 21 days held a three day "small boss class" – IYB, the main object of training for college students self-employed entrepreneurs. IYB is a project of China’s Urban Entrepreneurship and employment promotion, which is introduced by the Ministry of labor and social security and the international labor organization. This training will be free of charge for entrepreneurship training experts, will improve their own business, willing to improve self management ability and the core competitiveness of enterprises entrepreneurs, on marketing, cost accounting, business plan and other three courses. (author: Rong Lijun)

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