Xining Public Security Bureau to crack down on crimes committed to the maintenance of traffic enviro

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December 15th, the Xining municipal public security bureau Party committee held a special meeting on the end of the year, the fight against crime, maintenance of traffic environmental remediation work carried out deployment.

according to statistics, from 10 to November, Xining theft, fraud and other crimes such as speeding up the crime of robbery over the same period last year, a significant increase in the high incidence of theft of motor vehicles, the masses strongly. According to the existing characteristics of social security management in Xining City, some prominent problems in winter and the high incidence of criminal cases, conference on press incidence, guard caught and maintaining stability and promoting harmony four goals and tasks, will resolutely curb the momentum of high street crime, safeguard traffic safety proposed work requirements. The police asked the public security organs at all levels must act quickly through the anti robbery cracked the murder, heavy attack and special attack criminals and terrorists measures to resolutely curb the momentum of high street crime, and effectively improve the ability to control the social security situation, to create a good social security environment for social harmony and stability, people live and work in peace.

meeting the requirements of the Xining municipal public security organs at all levels should conscientiously street crime as a prominent focus of combat, seize the detection of major cases do not relax criminals against crime against the wind. Especially for some bad influence and serious harm, the masses are concerned about the case, the County Council and the criminal investigation departments should organize cases quickly, veteran soldiers and able captains, in the broken cases at the same time, also pay attention to the immediate interests of the people involved a small case, especially for the usurpation of such cases should be carefully organized to carry out detective work. To maximize the police put to the streets, increase patrol density, strengthen prevention and control of multiple cases of location and time, against the current criminal law, enhance people’s sense of security. According to the actual conditions of Xining city car theft case of high, traffic police, criminal investigation and other departments have carried out the "seized stolen" and other special rectification actions, online resources based on "comprehensive information system of criminal investigation" and "stolen car" information system, increase the gang, series, occupation, flow analysis and accurate channeling car theft crime crackdown. The traffic police department to fulfill the daily traffic management work. At the same time, we should always pay attention to the travel demands of the general public, enhance service awareness, improve service quality, focus, vigorously carry out traffic order comprehensive renovation, scientific organization of road traffic, to prevent road traffic accidents, for the implementation of "smooth traffic project", to protect people’s livelihood, the people’s livelihood, enhance the competitiveness of the city and the construction of harmonious traffic duty.


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