Beijing city to increase educational resources

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we all know, in Beijing City, the children a good school is not really easy, the advantage of suburbs, many parents are hard for children to provide high-quality learning resources, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission again sound: 2017 will start 10 new high school in the suburbs, 6 city 25 new high-quality schools, helping 15 suburban school. Do not have school choice and do not trust relationship, so that children can learn at home.

2017, the 6 city of Beijing will start to increase precision support for general school, each city selected at least 3 ordinary school and high school merged or school group; two or three years, 25 new high-quality primary school or nine year school in the city, the area of the weak school into quality education group or with the high school league depth. At the same time, in 2017, the city’s 6 districts will also start to support the suburbs, outer suburbs school, helping the weak school of the 15. Starting this year, in addition to the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin and other projects, the city’s primary and secondary schools without the consent of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission did not get outside the school, the primary and secondary schools may not cooperate with the real estate business.

at the same time, in the Beijing municipal co-ordination to promote, the district based on the functional positioning, according to local conditions, to expand and restructure of quality education resources as a breakthrough, the formation of new educational map".

helicopter after graduating from primary school junior high school, not only to save the parents of the small rise early school difficult, but also conducive to students quickly adapt to junior high school life. Beijing region to open up in the vertical section of the school, including the construction of nine years of integration of the school and promote the reform of the helicopter has been consistent with the past nine years.

children do not have to worry about school, many times, people will see the door of the school, no longer run back and forth, so that more parents at ease. Beijing City Board of education official said, nine years has been consistent with the new model helicopter, from the recent look is to provide parents with the fast track of primary and secondary schools, the school enrollment to enrich the choice to guide students to learn at home.

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