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Tangrun eight? The best choice for small business. If you to join Tangrun Bazhen project, is also very exciting, how to choose to join Tangrun eight? An open their own Tang Run eight stores, is very wise, very has the advantage of not?

is a company engaged in Tang Yun Bazhen Tang run chain Deli Bazhen franchise business professional management consulting company. The company owns four chain stores, the successful operation of nearly twenty years. The assets of up to tens of millions of yuan, the company by virtue of the original after dozens of precious Chinese herbal medicine refined extract and select one hundred years of Tang Run eight secret recipe. The products by consumers around the love, firm size and brand influence is growing.

Tang Yun Bazhen processing technology is perfect by joining ancestral and modern craft engagement, all products for high-temperature sterilization production. Food does not contain any additives, has the advantages of delicious, tender crisp, can eat appetizers spleen, strong body, prolong life. Is dinner guest friends, reciprocity indispensable delicacy.

1. total cost: 9800 yuan

2. franchisee Rights: Grant franchisees in the designated area of the use of trademarks, trade names, patents, proprietary technology

3. suitable for the region: the provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and cities, prefecture level cities, counties, towns.

4. years: life to join the contract three years a signed

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