Retailers want to do a good job as usual gifts

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although the gift is not a quick sticker, even if the customer to buy, and even not more than a dollar, but if the owner offered the initiative, I believe the customer will be more happy. This is the way of doing business, retail households if you want to make their own shop business is more popular, may wish to give customers a number of gifts.

when customers spend a lot of money in their own store, I think as a retail household should also consider giving something back to them. Especially in the Chinese New Year holiday, the general consumer spending is large, some of the total will be more than a thousand dollars or even thousands of. I do not want to be a retail customer, and so on. Like what calendar painting, tea bottle, couplets, cups, basins, pots and pans and the like can be as a prize, and sometimes even cigarettes, toothpaste and toothbrush line.

Take the kids to see the customer and

, may be appropriate to give a point "cartoon stickers, or candy like, now actually, most of the only children, children than adults, we give them some small gifts, often touched by those who are adults, they don’t mean how good shopping? In a word, I think that gift giving is very important".

one can please customers, give customers a good impression; two can be closer to the customer’s psychological distance; the three can also be a way to clean up the backlog of products. Of course, I think, to give customers a gift should pay attention to a practical, that is, gifts for customers to use; two is the quality of protection, do not engage in some defective fool customers.

three in a timely manner, do not engage in a blank check, perhaps it will be forgotten, it is easy to cause conflicts. Therefore, retailers consider gifts to customers, but also to have a "willing" mentality, happily, openly, that will also win customers love and support.

in order to attract customers, now many shops are constantly carry out various promotional activities, in fact, in many cases, shopkeepers if there can be a more humanized service for customers, can give a small gift, but the effect will be better. Therefore, if the retailers want to do business, may wish to prepare some small gifts in the shop.

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