What taboos do business

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business seems simple three words, but contains a lot of knowledge, contains a lot of knowledge, is not so simple. So, what should pay attention to business, pay attention to what, what taboo? Or a good look!

three taboo: do business more not to sell more expensive goods. Commodity prices can not only do not fall, you to a certain extent, as long as the money will be sold, no matter how much to earn less to meet, if you wait for high prices, nine out of ten to lose.

six taboo: don’t have the guts to do business. As the saying goes, as long as seven can take action, three hold on you for the rest of the caries failing is not resolved, do not miss the opportunity to gain the business to make money in the know as sure as a gun is not much.

Seven: the taboo to do business. Look down on this small profit, want to become a fat man, so it will never make a fortune. Only from small to large, slowly Many a little make a mickle., step by step, and finally to climb the peak of wealth.


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