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to the hot summer, also gave birth to a lot of business opportunities, the summer ice cream is not something, start selling yogurt ice cream business should be very good, what specific benefits, small side can analyze it for you, of course, is not necessarily accurate, if interested can look at.

1. / > project features natural security. Raw materials one hundred percent all natural, no artificial ingredients, does not contain any artificial additives.

2. low fat or fat free. Calories are only around 100 calories, while traditional ice cream has as many calories.

3. contains a large number of probiotics beneficial to the immune system. Analysis of

minimum investment of about 300 thousand yuan, including equipment investment, cash flow, space rental, etc.. 200 grams per cup, every 50 grams of cost about 1.745 yuan, every 50 grams of the sales price is 7 yuan, after deducting costs and management fees, if the daily sales of 200 cups, for gross profit of 3249 yuan, the average monthly gross profit of about 97468 yuan, about 3 months to recover the investment.

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