Suzhou science and technology city to promote the construction of a number of innovative entrepreneu

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last year in 12th Five-Year, Chinese launched a nationwide "double" activities, promoted a large number of people in employment and entrepreneurship. In 13th Five-Year the beginning of the year, Suzhou science and technology city to promote regional comprehensive construction, and strive to provide a more livable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

1 22, the construction area of nearly 20 thousand square meters, with a total investment of about $100 million in the Suzhou city of science and Technology City, the waterfront of the two phase of the project, the dream city shopping center grand opening. As the first shopping center and the key city of Suzhou science and technology to create a livelihood project, "dream city" shopping center opened for the regional city supporting functions to improve and enhance the residents’ happiness adds a thick and heavy in colours.

"seize the South of Jiangsu national independent demonstration area construction opportunities, to improve the regional comprehensive as the starting point, to promote regional comprehensive support to a new level, is the focus of the work of science and technology of Suzhou city in 2015." Suzhou city of science and technology related to the person in charge, in addition to the "dream city"   shopping center, 2015 in the region has formed a certain scale of commercial activities: Starwood Asia Pacific Hotels in Yuping, the first source host Conference Center, GreenTree Inn, Econo Hotel, Suzhou first Rosen convenience store has opened, Jinfeng center completed, fashion Waterfront Commercial Plaza, new life space and other large commercial business facilities continue to improve, greatly enhance the city a new image, new grade.

into the city of science and technology experimental primary school last year, has just put into use, the bright colors of teaching building to brighten, in a beautiful environment of the campus, "modernization" has become the most eye-catching label. It is understood that the Suzhou science and Technology City Experimental Primary construction area of 53 thousand square meters, and the construction area of 5400 square meters of Suzhou science and Technology City Experimental Kindergarten last year was fully completed.

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