Website Optimization SEO requires patience and time

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learning SEO for a long time, this time also operate a lot of cases, for a lot of experiments and tests, for the website optimization, have a lot of experience, and some experience of their own now and communicate with you:

1: Website Optimization Website optimization need time, is not to say that after you to optimize the website, the effect will be out of your website ranking will soon go up, this is almost impossible, website optimization need time, search engine to give you good rankings, needs more time, a website search engine to only a certain degree of trust will give you a good ranking

2: website optimization needs your persistence and patience, do not do the optimization for a period of time, has been ranked no change or the opposite ranking has declined, lost confidence, sometimes, ranking up for a very long time to have

certain relationship with your web site

3: website optimization is not invincible, not all words can optimize up, is not to say that website optimization is smooth, sometimes what you do not make mistakes, the site may also occur abnormal phenomenon, because the absolute factors and the performance of the website ranking too much, you can not put every because do you is very perfect, some factors can not be changed, but you stick to it, it is only a matter of time, your site will have a good performance in

4: website optimization is not seven days, eight days, half a month can do up, anxious to effect, do not do optimization, direct money to do bidding, three days, what effects have

5: website optimization is not stable, but it is not every day in the change, the search engine has been changing, who can guarantee that your site has been ranked in the top three or the first page, can only say that if you do enough optimization in place, every time you change on the impact is relatively small just drop or change the ranking, sometimes even disappear is normal, if not what the problem is, sooner or later the ranking will be back, just need time to

6: do not say site optimization words long, good time is short, only a relatively, but also a variety of optimization techniques, there is no fixed pattern, all roads lead to Rome, optimization is a process of trial

7: website optimization to formal operation, must not covet momentary pleasure or ranking, and use extreme, temporarily nothing, does not mean no later, in the long run, or formal operation is more insurance,

8: website optimization by means of cheating, not to say you cheat, will be punished, sometimes you stand there rather baffling problem, this may be caused by some previous criminal record, is the so-called justice.

9: website optimization is really tiring. Sometimes it’s boring. But when you are successful, the sense of achievement is not expressed in words.

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