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08 years, I do not know is for the games, or Chinese has been more enthusiastic about the number 8 (primary) game, the industry seems quite fire, the online recruitment industry of course is the same, and there is fierce competition in this field is not sold on the battlefield, let us look at the region recruitment website how to survive.

a year ago in the online recruitment industry emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like, experienced the development of last year’s regional scale and mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the site issued by the strength in the first half of the 08 years and only a few months later, ushered in the 3 largest online recruitment giant regional business development impact. In the face of a strong coverage of 3 recruitment sites, just a foothold in their recruitment website, how to deal with


‘s online mass market is largely dominated by the big three, which have a large pool of talent and enterprise databases, and high-end (headhunters), mid and low-end markets. In June,’s business has been fully covered in the prefecture level cities. Enterprise free registration, registration will send 2000 yuan of network recruitment products, in as long as six months time using Zhaopin website for free recruitment. And give 07 years salary survey report and related professional human resources magazine.

in the face of such strong coverage, we paid to the recruitment website in the core area of products, brand image, product added value and quick upgrade, forming obvious competitiveness to consolidate market share and open up new markets, it is more realistic and will soon face the problem, the following is our little experience in the process of operation provide share, there are different opinions welcome communication: Xuzhou talent nets

first in the core products and services, strengthen the original marketing team, improve the team’s comprehensive level, let everyone become a human resources professional, facing the problems put forward by enterprise can quickly give constructive comments and suggestions, to become the enterprise human resources consultant.

The upgrading of

products, a single product advantage to expand the diversification of products and services, to meet the practical needs of the development of enterprise products, so that enterprises in the pay at the same time not only enjoy the recruitment information, more companies may be more willing to allow customers to see their products.

brand building, analysis of the existing industry positions and job seekers industry distribution of data, as well as the industry salary situation, publish authoritative data, through a series of activities to enhance the brand image, to create a good reputation in the original enterprise fully spread, more enterprises trust and support. (ultimately supported by product services)

to provide more valuable services, according to different conditions, take full advantage of "perfect" has a firm believe in a certain market share in the local recruitment site according to their own situation to make the appropriate adjustments, constantly improve ourselves, but in the new round of competition. "

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