The importance of moderators in community forums

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Due to the recent

doing my city community promotion work, so on this little community forum a little more understanding, many people say that online moderators are very important to the community forum, a sentence is " as also defeated the moderator, moderator ". It can be seen that the moderators are so important to the community forum.

let’s talk about the main job of the moderator first. The moderator is the leader and designer of the page, which determines the location and style of the page. Moderators through their posting, post, affecting the layout of the atmosphere. Recommend excellent posts in various ways to guide the orientation of the forum. The moderator is the "cleaner" and "security" of the community forum, responsible for the "clean sanitation" and normal order of the layout. They remove the irrigation stickers, advertising stickers, stickers affixed to the bad information, illegal activities of Internet users in the layout specification; in violation of the rules; punishment behavior; moderator is the layout of the "owners committee", responsible for the users to carry out various activities and act as the organizer and the waiter role, to gather popularity etc..

then talk about their importance.

1, improve the forum moderator popularity, through their own post or post, and the member driven positive post and reply to increase the popularity of the piece, this is very important, as a community forum knows, engage in popularity need experienced moderators, they generally have their own way to raise popularity. So my city thinks community forum popularity is good and bad, have very big relation with moderator.

2, community forum moderator development direction, through a variety of ways to recommend good posts, the members want to own a good post post, this talent will be more, you will have a sense of superiority, so members will go on to see what kind of moderator, moderator of the post love. As time passes, the direction of the forum will change accordingly, and in the end it will affect the content and direction of the community forum.

3, the urban community forum, said the moderator is the image of the city, they have to maintain their health this section " " " and " order; and no moderator, that this forum will flood posts, advertising stickers, stickers, illegal illegal information posts are everywhere, the impact is very bad for members, will make the member tired. The moderator role management, can be very good to members, so that they have a feeling of home in the community forum.

4, the organizer of the activities, the development of the community forum can not be separated from activities, activities generally line up and offline activities, activities can not be separated from organizers and service providers, at this time moderators will play this role. To do the activities of members are satisfied, full of sound and colour, such members naturally stay. At the same time, activities also enhance the atmosphere and interaction.

, if the moderators of a community forum play these roles well, they contribute a lot to the community forum, which is called "in version"

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