The use of GoDaddy space site was Netcom Unicom restrictions

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‘s recent visit to GoDaddy hosting sites has found a strange phenomenon: several sites using GoDaddy hosts regularly access very slowly, and websites are inaccessible irregularly. But accessing other foreign websites and domestic websites is normal. This is not a wave of new GoDaddy host conspiracy, after the author investigated, found that there is a problem,


through the analysis of the technical point of view, Ping I know of several GoDaddy on the host website, all packet loss phenomenon is serious, the packet loss rate of about 50%; after several websites tracert routing, is mainly caused by packet loss timeout in a IP backbone network of Beijing netcom. In order to ensure that the network is not GoDaddy or server problem, I also specifically allows mobile telecommunication networks, friends try to access and Ping, without any problems, only Netcom (China Unicom) network has the problem; at the same time, I consulted the GoDaddy online customer service, they also got the same affirmation: is our domestic telecom operators.

I telephone consulting Netcom (China Unicom) customer service, not too junior, can not solve the problem, that is, shirk, pretending not to know. While some CNC Technical Service said to talk ambiguously some foreign websites flow do some restrictions, the specific question which website and why, he hesitated to say a one or two.

thus can be determined is that China Netcom (China Unicom) must be made up of what, GoDaddy and other domestic and foreign host access to the hands and feet, to the international exit made some technical limitations.

use GoDaddy space webmaster, use Netcom network Ping about their website, and then tracert a look, is it the same problem?. Again, at present, this problem only has the network of China unicom.

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