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I’m just a small webmaster, now these days, personal Adsense want to firmly earn RMB OR, "$" seems to be no longer so simple thing. At the beginning of the station just to hold the mentality of playing, have a website belonging to their own, more or less some sense of achievement, can be among the students to see another eye. Oh, to meet a little vanity oh. Also feel a little technical

many times in the online wandering see many posts, shy, poor poor students in the bag, the initiation of the desire to make money, then spent a lot of time studying how to make money, that period of time, to see the sky snow post, close your eyes is full of what alliance advertising ah, ah, the spider. SEO. Feel your mind is not on your white, a little thought would start my Wangzhuan Wangzhuan road.

how did I become a little webmaster,


first, integrate the content of the web site

undeniably, the beauty of the site is very important, but far from content, content is king. It’s unwise to spend a lot of time on landscaping. As for the search engines, it does not know which "more beautiful, more impossible because of" absurd beautiful can row a good ranking (here, and I made the same mistake to reflect on the good friend) search engine is more concerned about the content, and for the development of each individual station early the need for some sites even exist, it is very important, so, I collected a large number of articles (not collector, ah) and the corresponding modification, editing. Enrich your website content, occasionally write some original, attract the eye, and the main purpose is to recruit a spider to visit. Although adding content is pretty boring, it’s necessary to make my web site a soul. Www_Chinaz_com

then optimize the keyword for the web site

it’s a technical job, at least I think so. To the site in the search engine network talent shows itself, not a master key technology, more should be considered in detail. If foreigners are more fancy details, confirms the China a saying: "qianlizhidi, ulcer in the colony." I think every webmaster do not want your website so quickly from the vast sea of vanish.

keyword optimization has four main points,

point 1: Title, must not be too long, generally 30 words or so, many webmaster excessive pile keywords, this can only backfire.

point two: Description, tell people what your website does. Must have the fluent statement to elaborate, similarly pays attention not to pile up keywords.

point three: Keywords, this is for the search engine to see, tell the search engine, your website is to do what. Station. Long station,


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